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Fresh Friday: Fuel up with @Tera’s Organic Whey-Summer Dark Chocolate Smoothie Heaven

It has been sweltering in the U.S. this summer with record temperatures being set across the country. Here in New Hampshire the weather has been no different and the humidity has been unusually high. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia so I am used to the hot, humid summers but the lack of A.C. everywhere in NH definitely makes the heat more noticeable.

This week I have been continuing to work on race recovery from the 24 Hours Around the Lake Marathon and the Beach to Beacon 10K from last weekend. I have been resting my legs, doing a ton of stretching and yoga, and refueling my body. This week I have been craving protein. What better way to fulfill this craving than with an ice cold smoothie! During the summer my kitchen is loaded with the most enticing fresh fruits and berries perfect for smoothies galore!

I have been searching high and low for better organic ingredients for use in my kitchen and was happy when I discovered Tera’s Whey Organic Whey Protein  (Certified USDA Organic) at our local Littleton COOP.  And even better the flavor that they were featuring is Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate.

Tera’s Whey is an “artisan whey.”  According to their website,

“all of our products, whether they be rBGH-free, organic, or goat, are made from:

  • fresh whey sourced from the heartland of Wisconsin – direct from the small, artisan cheese makers.
  • natural flavors that we selected for their taste and healthful functionality – high antioxidant superfruits, real fair trade dark cocoa, and real natural vanilla.
  • low glycemic index stevia or an unsweetened, plain option.”

Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate Whey Protein

I searched through my bountiful fresh summer ingredients and got to work creating my smoothie. Thankfully I had some freshly picked blueberries from my mother-in-laws blueberry bushes and fresh local strawberries to amp up the flavor. I also decided to add crushed ice to turn my smoothie into something that resembled more of a milkshake (YUM) and definitely cooled me off.


Summer Dark Chocolate Smoothie Heaven


Summer Dark Chocolate Smoothie Heaven

  • 2 Cups of Lowfat Stonyfield Organic Milk 
  • 1 Whole Fair Trade Banana
  • A handful of Fresh Local Strawberries from Corners Farm
  • 1 Organic White Peach
  • 1/2 Cup Freshly picked blueberries
  • 2 Scoops of Tera’s Whey Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate Whey Protein
  • 1 Handful Local Organic Spinach
  • 1/2 cup (or more) crushed ice
Mix all of the ingredients in the blender and serve!

Ingredients for a heavenly smoothie


This smoothie filled me up, satisfied my protein and chocolate cravings and was amazingly refreshing to help beat the humidity. Plus I was able to use many local ingredients which is a perfect way to celebrate NH EAT LOCAL month.

Celebrate Local Agriculture

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10 responses

10 responses

  1. This looks awesome! I love cooling off with a smoothie!! This morning mine was chocolate coconut banana! So yummy!

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