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My Favorite Place to Run. What’s Yours?

My favorite place to run.

My favorite place to run.

(Photo from my Instagram.)

Today was one of those perfect run days and all I needed to do was to lace up my Brooks Adrenalines and to head out my front door (or as they call it in New Hampshire “out into the dooryard”).  I ran for 30 minutes at an aerobic pace and then headed into the fields behind our house for some hill sprints.  I definitely don’t live in the city.  This is New Hampshire at its best–Sun, green grass, mountains, and views for miles. I am spoiled by the majestic nature that surrounds me!

Running Fuel: Vega Sport Energy Bars

I recently had the chance to review Vega Sport Energy Bars.  This energy bar is awesome because it is plant-based whole food nutrition that will help you to sustain your energy during your long training efforts.  To learn more about Vega Sport Energy Bars you can check out my review HERE.


#FuelYourBetter with Vega Sport

#FuelYourBetter with Vega Sport

 Recipe Find: Martha Stewart’s Spinach-And-Mushroom Quesadillas

We have been on a kick lately to have at least one night where we don’t eat meat with our meals. Apparently we’re a bit late to the Meatless Monday party but its never to late to join in, right? During the endless winter in New Hampshire I got into a bit of a slump with cooking but now I think I am finally over it. I have been working hard to pick at least one new recipe a week.

Spinach-And-Mushroom (and black bean) Queasadillas

Spinach-And-Mushroom (and black bean) Queasadillas

My latest recipe find was from Martha Stewart. In our house we are super fans of Martha Stewarts Cookbook Everyday Food: Great Food Fast, as well as the little supermarket monthly magazine from Martha Stewart, Everyday Food. I love her recipes because they have easy to find ingredients and quick preparation with amazing results.  The recipe I picked this week was from Martha and features some of my favorite ingredients, mushrooms and spinach–Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas.  We actually modified the recipe adding in black beans for more protein. Another modification that I might make would be to change the pepper jack cheese to creamy farm fresh goat cheese.  This recipe was filling for dinner but would also make a fantastic appetizer!

Vibram Five Fingers and Minimalist Shoes–Are they really ok to run in?

In case you hadn’t heard Vibram USA has reached a settlement in a class-action law suit.  the suit was brought about to challenge claims by Vibram USA  that running in their five finger minimalist shoes carries health benefits.  I have only tried minimalist shoes a little bit as I am used to my well structured Brooks Adrenaline GTS that have a “footbridge” that helps me with my over-pronating feet.  For me any small change in my shoes leads to shin splints and last year even brought about an awful case of tendonitis.  So, I never tried Vibram Five Fingers but what I had heard about minimalist shoes is that if you did not take time to transition into them gradually the results could be disastrous leading to injury (not sure this is a problem with the shoes themselves).  If you want my two cents on the minimalist vs. non-minimalist shoe, I believe that each runner need to find the right shoe that works with their body mechanics and it also depends on your running gait.

What do you think about the great running shoe debate?  If you want to read more check out this article on–Here’s the Thing about Vibram and Minimalist shoes

It’s finally spring!

I cannot get enough of the glorious spring weather that is finally upon us! We have been outside in our barefeet, digging in the dirt–planting flowers and preparing the garden. The kids have been riding their bikes for hours on end, playing in the sandbox, hunting for caterpillars, and running through the sprinkler.  Finally spring is in bloom!

What is your favorite flower? I love tulips!



What’s on your list of fresh five this week? I’d love to hear from you!

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