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Fresh Five. Spring!

What are your favorite 5 things this week. Click here to find out Organic Runner Mom's spring picks!

Fresh Five Spring Edition

What are your favorite 5 things this week. Click here to find out Organic Runner Mom's spring picks!

Organic Runner Mom’s Fresh Five

Life events have been all consuming lately and it feels like awhile before my emotional balance will be back at center. Thankfully a little sunshine, some warmer temperatures and hints of spring have arrived in New Hampshire to help lift our spirits. Yesterday morning when we left the house it was 46 degrees (I know, heat wave!) and Organic Runner Girl exclaimed, “It’s smells like Florida!” She could smell the warmth in the air and the smell of the earth and the snow melts away leaving behind mud puddles perfect for jumping in and the enticing road ready for running!

In celebration of spring here are my fresh five check out what has me buzzing this spring day!

1. BOGS!–From the moment the snow flies until the garden is planted BOGS footwear is our best friend in New Hampshire. The discovery of these boots has made many a snowy winter adventure possible and muddy springtime puddle jumping just perfect. We all have them. The are warm and comfy and keep your feet dry! If you haven’t checked out BOGS Footwear before I would highly recommend them especially because the bright bold patterns will bring a smile to your face.


BOGS. Perfect for puddle jumping and springtime mud!

Bogs and puddles=happy kids


BOGS. Perfect for puddle jumping and springtime mud!

2. The North Face Women’s Ultra Kilowatt TrainerI received this sweet shoe to try out as a part of my ambassadorship with The North Face Locals. These shoes are designed for the neutral runner. This is a more minimal shoe that will be great for shorter distance speed workouts and trail running adventures. I love how light this shoe is and that it is designed with materials to wick away moisture and reduce the chance of getting blisters. This shoe will be awesome once the warmer temps arrive because it has breathable mesh. Although this is a minimal shoe the sole has The North Face “Pebax® CRADLE™ technology in the low-profile midsole offers exceptional energy return for a springy feel and impact protection for enhanced stability.” This shoe will definitely be in my rotation this spring and summer.

Find out why I love The North Face WOMEN’S ULTRA KILOWATT TRAINER.


3. Eggs! (of course) Eggs are sometimes seen as one of nature’s perfect food. So much goodness packed inside the shell ready to provide your with protein and nutrients to fuel your day and your workout! Eggs have gotten such a bad rap over the years and its just not fair. Eggs are no longer being looked upon by scientists for having high levels of bad cholesterol after studies showed that science did not back up these claims. So enjoy those amazing eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for a nutritious energy packed snack. To read bit more I enjoyed this article in the LA Times: “Cholesterol Cops Left with Egg on their faces”

Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs

Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs

4. Spring Tunes to keep you moving as you prepare for any upcoming spring races–Currently on my Playlist throwing it bak to the 80’s with a little “Take On Me” by, A-HA, and “Heartbeat Song” by Kelly Calrkson and yes, again I apologize for the cheesy tunes but what can I say I love to belt them out! It’s the former A Cappella singer in me!

5. BLOGS that I LOVE–In keeping with the trend of lifting each other up I am spreading the love and want to send you over to check out some of my favorite blogs. Please check out these blogs for inspiration, motivation, training tips, recipes and overall awesomeness.

In case you missed it:

Find out my thoughts on the upcoming Boston Marathon as I share my own emotional healing journey.

So what has you buzzing this week? What are you looking forward to the most as the weather improves? Please share your Friday Five and have an amazing weekend!

Organic Runner Mom

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4 responses

4 responses

  1. Eggs really are the perfect food. At least to me. I eat them whenever I can. Being a SAHM, I love their simple preparation style and conveinence and can usually eat them at least once a day.

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