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Foam Rolling and other tools for active recovery.

Running Recovery Tools

Running Recovery Tools

  1. The Grid Foam Roller from Trigger Point Therapy
  2.  Ensō Muscle Roller from EvoFit
  3. Due North Foot RUBZ Massage Ball
  4. A Golf Ball

Your body is made up of many different interconnected parts and as athletes we often tend to overlook taking care of certain areas of our bodies.  The ned result can be painful injuries. One of the forgotten parts of a runners body during training is the fascia which according to Wikiepdia  is, “Fascia is the soft tissue component of the connective tissue that provides support and protection for most structures within the human body, including muscle.” This is an area of a runners body that needs to be treated with a little TLC to help prevent injury and keep you running your best.

Foam Rolling is a technique for Self-Myofascial Release.  Through foam rolling you can improve flexibility, performance, and reduce injuries. Foam rolling works your muscles on a deeper level to help remove any adhesions or muscle knots which will end up making stretching more effective too!

I have become a foam rolling addict since I began training for the Boston Marathon. My coach Denise Goode of the Sustainable Athlete  added foam rolling in as a regular part of my training schedule because marathon training can take a huge toll on your muscles and your underlying fascia. Foam rolling is essentially a way to massage your own muscles without seeing a massage therapist although I must say I’d prefer going to a massage therapist if possible!

In the photo included at the top I’ve included some of my favorite foam rolling/myofascial release tools including the smaller RUBZ and golf ball which can be used on the balls of your feet to help if you struggle with plantar fasciitis or other tendon issue.

Do you have any favorite tools to use for foam rolling and myofascial release? Please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you use!

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12 responses

12 responses

    1. Thanks for checking out my foam rolling post Meranda! I have definitely found foam rolling to be the best recovery method especially after dealing with a nagging injury last year. Happy to be of help!

    1. Thank Nikki! Are you faithful about foam rolling? Do you have a favorite foam roller or recovery tool?

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