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I hit the trails today behind my house for some glorious trail running. We are very fortunate to have a small mountain range behind our house with some neatly cut trails that are used for snowmobiling in the winter. On an incredibly clear day there are places at the top where you can see Franconia Notch, the Presidentials, and even Mount Washington. We feel pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I am still learning my way around the trails and have to admit that I am sometimes afraid to run them by myself for fear of running into a bear (we saw huge bear paw prints in the snow earlier this spring). I always joke that my internal compass is completely broken and I tend to easily get lost but I am making it my goal to learn the trails this summer and to run them at least once a week!

As I was running I began thinking about what I try to bring with me when I go trail running to help you get started with trail running fun!

Five things to bring on your next trail run:

It's time for some trail running!

It’s time for some trail running!

1. A great pair of trail shoes. My current go to trail shoe are the Hoka One One Stinson ATR. Yes, I have jumped on the Hoka One One bandwagon and am so happy about my decision. This shoe has an extremely rugged soul with great treads perfect for clambering over rocks, sticks, through the mud and more. I am loving the stability of this shoe with its wider platform. When I am wearing these shoes I feel like I can run over anything!

2. Compression socks. These are a definite must at this time of year or at least a mid calf sock because tick season is here. Tall socks are a great guard against those gross little Lyme carrying bugs because they especially like hitchhiking on your ankles. I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about ticks.

3.  A Map.  I always carry my trusty iPhone in the pocket of my Skirt Sports and have needed to use google maps on more than one occasion to find my way home. If you are in an established trail system find out if they have a trail map that you can carry.

4. A Hydration Pack. I forgot to carry mine today but a hydration pack is great not only for quenching your thirst but also for carrying your goodies for refueling (Skratch Labs fruit drops) and other things like your car keys, your map, and your phone. My favorite hydration packs are made by Camelbak and UltrAspire.

5. A sense of adventure. You never know what will happen on a trail run, you might encounter some wildlife (today I almost jumped out of my skin when a deer rustled past me in the woods). Going for a trail run on a new trail system is kind of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, you never know where a new trail will take you but the adventure of finding out is totally worth it.

Time to get muddy on the trails. Trail running at its best!

Time to get muddy on the trails. Trail running at its best!

Are you a trail runner? What would you bring on a trail run? Tell me about your favorite trail to run on! 

Happy trails!

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20 responses

20 responses

  1. Ticks are just ew-ew-ew! And I know a girl who is almost completely bedridden due to Lymes Disease, it is scary stuff! I want to hike 3-4 trails this summer–I’ll have to check out those hiking/trail running shoes. (Hiking=walking on a trail in Michigan, no mountains here!)
    Kate @KateMovingForward recently posted…Friday Loves: May 8th EditionMy Profile

  2. Well, I have the shoe and sense of adventure part down! I know I should do something to protect against ticks, though, b/c the deer population is rampant around here. Trail running is my very favorite and can’t wait to get in a few races over the summer.
    misszippy1 recently posted…Dogs and kids are smarter than adultsMy Profile

  3. For me this needs to be 5 ways to convince yourself to give trail running a try! Haha, I became so scared of it when I fell and cut my knee, and since then I have been paranoid I would injure myself and not be able to race. You make it seem like fun (and I know it is though!). Thank you 🙂

  4. I really want to start trail running! Up here in Alaska we don’t have ticks…but we do have lots of bears! So I’m pretty afraid of trail running alone.

  5. A running partner would be on my list. Trail running is one of 2 times I don’t run alone. The other time is when it’s dark. Trail runs are the best kind of run 🙂

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