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Final Marathon Taper Week. Bring on the Boston Marathon!!!!

Marathon TAPER TIME!

I am in full on marathon taper for the Boston Marathon. My legs are achy. I feel as though I have arthritis when I get up and move. I am starting to have race day stress dreams. Marathon Taper is tough because all I want to do is get out and run especially now that the weather is warming up!

This cartoon totally shows what a typical stress dream might be for me leading up to a race especially during taper time. What a nightmare! A marathon with no finish!!!!!

This cartoon totally shows what a typical stress dream might be for me leading up to a race  during marathon taper  What a nightmare! A marathon with no finish!!!!!

I have ants in my pants. I just want to race already!!!!!!

Beware of Tapering Runner-Taper for the Boston Marathon

Beware of Tapering Runner (Thanks Races 2 Remember for the picture!)

Thankfully I was able to get in some amazing running last week during our Florida vacation to help calm the nerves as well as to stretch my legs on some gorgeous trails right in the Ocala Forest. .I even had a nice confidence booster when I took my husband out for an 8 mile trail run (his longest run ever!). He ran behind me and said he couldn’t imagine running a whole marathon at a pace faster than the easy pace we kept on our run. He said I looked strong and relaxed. PHEW! Thankfully I did not forget how to run while we were on vacation.

Don't be fooled. This run may have taken place during the taper for the Boston Marathon but I am strong, confident and ready to run and kick some a$$!

Don’t be fooled. This trail run may have taken place during the taper for the Boston Marathon but I am strong, confident and ready to run and kick some a$$!

If you want to keep track of my progress on Boston Marathon Monday you can follow me using this cool app:

Boston Marathon Runner Tracker

Boston Marathon Runner Tracker

My BIB Number is : 15056

Boston Marathon BIB Number 15056–I'm "All in for Boston!"

Boston Marathon BIB Number 15056–I’m “All in for Boston!”

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IN Refresh – Ignite Naturals 100% plant-based electrolyte drink



17 responses

17 responses

    1. I ended up missing my starting corral so started further back putting me closer to the time of tragedy. Were you in the vicinity when tragedy struck? How are you doing in the aftermath? How did your race go? I hope it went well before everything happened.

  1. Don’t forget to “Have Fun” , relax and start easy . Second half should be a little faster than first , “Running Negative”! You have done your homework now it’s time to get your final exam grade. Enjoy and don’t forget to tie your shoes. My reocurring nightmare is I can’t get my shoes tied no matter how hard I try and the entire group leaves without me . Good Luck ,
    Michael Carter in Northfield Maine . Wish I were there but hoping for 2014 or 2015 .

  2. YAY!! This is GOOD stuff! I am in the same boat. I will randomly feel weird aches in my legs but I think it is mostly mental. I know I am ready but at the same time I there are tons of pre-race jitters that have me losing it!

    1. Hi Tia,
      I hope you are ok. What a scary time. I am sending hugs and prayers your way and hoping that you are able to run. Be #BostonStrong!

  3. Only the best in the World get to run Boston. This means you are a champion by toeing the line. So major tribute to you.
    Now go out and be competitive with the other participants, and with yourself ifyou want to truly test yourself against the others that got in, and the best of yourself during qualifying that got you in.

    1. Thanks Adam. I am even more proud now that I got to run Boston. I had an amazing race, finishing before tragedy struck. I have many memories now of that day both good and bad which now more than ever makes me happy that I re-qualified and more determined than ever to go back next you to run #BOSTONStrong!

  4. I feel the same way! I guess this means we’re ready! Good luck my friend; I’ll be following you, literally…I’m in the next corral!

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