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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Top 5 Trail Running Gifts for Dad

As I began to write this post I asked my husband who is hoping to start trail running with me soon what he would need or want as a trail running gift for Father’s Day. He looked at me quizzically and said, “A Map????.” He is a man with few needs. A minimalist in life if you will. I am the family gear junkie so hopefully I can be of some help to those of you in need of some excellent trail running gift ideas for Father’s Day.

So here you go:

Organic Runner Mom’s Top 5 Trail Running Gifts for Dad

Trail Running Gifts for the active Dad. UltrAspire, Road Runner Sports, Garmin, Darn Tough Socks, JULBO USA Sunglasses

Trail Running Gifts for the active Dad

  1. UltrAspire Surge Hydration Pack: This hydration pack offers 2 Liters of hydration for long summer trail and mountain runs. It has electrolyte pockets for those hot and humid July nights on trail where the sweat can leave a thick layer of salt behind. The Surge has great pockets in the front for extra fuel storage and essentials such as keys, a cellphone, and perhaps a bottle opener for that post-run beer.
  2. Darn Tough Socks: for the Darn Tough Dad who hits the trail hard. Using “True Seamless” Technology. These rugged wool socks (with Lycra and nylon too) will become a favorite of Dad for all of his trail adventures.
  3. JULBO USA Sunglasses: Many color varieties and most styles come with interchangeable lenses to ensure perfect visibility even at dusk to ensure Dad will be able to navigate the roots and rocks on trail.
  4. A Gift Certificate for running Shoes from RoadRunnerSports: Are Dad’s running shoes caked with mud and torn up from the trails. He will thank you for the gift of new shoes to lead the journey on his trail runs.
  5. GARMIN 405CX GPS Watch: This is the watch that I have and it has endured many miles with me through the snow, on muddy trails, through water crossings. this watch is great for the gear/techie junkie because after a long grueling run on trails with great elevation gain, Dad can upload his trail run report and brag about his running feats.

What trail running gifts will you be getting for Dad this Father’s Day?




3 responses

3 responses

  1. hahahaah….i love my Cascadia 7s and would LOVE some 8s!! and i am also a huge fan of Darn Tough.
    i hope my wife and son read this…. 🙂

  2. Those ideas are great! Not just for Father’s Day!
    I would love to have a Garmin, too. It would be great to not have to carry around my phone to use the running app.

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