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#Motivation Monday Facing a fear and finding new strength! Climbing!

Climbing! I faced my fear and found new inner strength

Climbing! I faced my fear and found new inner strength

Face your fear head on and you will find strength and determination!

2 weeks to go until the Boston Marathon! I’m ready to put my training to the test! With 2 weeks to go of taper training I am working on mental toughness. Part of marathon success is the ability to work through the hard parts of the race. We’ve all been there whether during a workout or a race, those moments where you just want to stop, when you feel that you can’t push any further, when fear of the pain of a hard effort begins to convince you that failure is imminent.

Don’t let the bad attitude or fear creep in!

Last week I decided it was time to face one of my fears. I am afraid of heights. All of my friends climb and several have access to an incredible indoor climbing wall at The White Mountain School. I haven’t tried climbing since college which let’s just say was a while ago. I only tried once but was too afraid to do it again.

Why do we sometimes let our fears control what we do?

I have decided it’s time to face my fears head on.

Last week I went climbing and I loved it! The first time I was a little hesitant but being with friends I felt safe because my trust of them is so strong. I started up the wall not wanting to look down. I felt nervous, not sure of my footing or the holds. My friends encouraged me and I began to feel more at ease. My adrenaline was high. I made it halfway up the wall the first time. When I came down I was shaking but proud because I had faxed my fear. After taking ten minutes to chill out and to calm my nerves I was ready for more.

The next route was a bit easier. My friend Joanna told me not to overthink it. I am physically strong. The goal is to believe it and to trust yourself. When I went up the climbing wall the 2nd and 3rd times I went all the way to the top! I ended the evening with some “playtime” on the wall doing some traversing.

It was empowering! It was exhilarating! Mission accomplished! I faced my fear and found new inner strength.

What have you done recently to go outside your comfort zone? Do you have any fears that you want to face?



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