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Different Types of Running Workouts Defined

Running Workouts Defined
Running Workouts Defined

Are you new to the running world. Are you new to adding in different workouts into your running plan? Here are some of the terms for running workouts that you will want to know.

Threshold Run-A threshold run is run at a fast pace but not faster than your 5K or 10K pace. The purpose is to challenge your body and its ability to get rid of lactate. It is your lactate threshold pace. According to Real Buzz, ” Running at lactate threshold pace however, improves your body’s ability to buffer the lactate and therefore delays fatigue, which in essence enables you to run at a faster pace for longer.” Threshold runs are important for marathon and half marathon training. Running at threshold pace will help you to get faster over time. Threshold pace should seem comfortably hard but not as hard as racing. An example of a threshold run is to do a 20 min warm-up then to do 3X7 minutes at threshold pace (approx. 10K pace) with 3:00 easy recovery in between followed by an easy run for a total of 1 Hour.

Fartlek Run-Fartlek means “Speed Play” in Swedish. When you do a Fartlek run you mix up easy and hard running. It can be as simple as mixing up your paces when running from one tree to the next. You can also do a workout where you add in one minute surges every 7-8 minutes over your long run. Fartlek workouts can also be structured. This type of workout will help you to build your speed and endurance. An example of a structured Fartlek workout is a pyramid farlek: “After a thorough warm-up, run two minutes at roughly your 5K pace, two-minute easy, 3 minutes at roughly your 10K pace, two-minute easy, 4 minutes at half-marathon race pace, two-minute easy, 4 minutes half-marathon race pace, two-minute easy, 3 minutes at your 10K pace, two-minute easy, 2 minutes at your 5K pace or faster, then finish off the workout with a 10-minute steady jog cool down.” (From Runners Blueprint)

Different types of running workouts defined. #runchat #running

Tempo Run-Technically a tempo run is the same thing as a threshold run.According to Runner’s World, “A tempo run—also known as an anaerobic threshold or lactate-threshold run—is a pace about 25 to 30 seconds per mile slower than your current 5K race pace.” During these workouts your body learns to clear lactate. Tempo running can help you to quicken your pace in half marathons and marathons. Tempo running is great for mental toughness because it teaches you how to work hard and to work through what are more painful runs. It is important that you maintain your prescribed pace during a tempo run.

Endurance Run-Endurance running helps to improve your aerobic system. Endurance runs are longer runs at a sustained pace. During endurance running you can work on your breathing and focus on your form. Endurance runs are focused on gaining more mileage not so much on gaining speed.

Progression Run-During a progression run you will start slow and finish fast. These are set up so that you increase your pace over the run in increments such as every third of the run or by increasing the final 15-25% of the run. Another way to complete a progression run is with a a super fast finish. The purpose is to warm up your body in the first portion of the run and then to work on stressing the anaerobic system. According to McMillan Running, “progression runs allow you, across your training cycle, to increase the volume of faster, stamina-type training.” Your body will recover well from this type of workout as opposed to running fast and hard for the entire workout especially when running long. This type of workout will help you to run negative splits on race day and will help you with mental toughness as you challenge yourself to pick-up the pace when your body is already more fatigued.

Hopefully this will help you to better understand some of the different types of workouts that you may encounter when training for races.

What is your favorite type of running workout?

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4 responses

4 responses

  1. Such an awesome post! I wish I saw a post like this when I first started running because you did such a great job at describing the different types of runs.

  2. I’m more of an endurance runner and I stick to what I know way more than I should. Farteks are my second favorite, and I don’t do them as much as I should.

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