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CrossFIT and running?

CrossFIT and running? What have I gotten myself into?

CrossFit and Running

CrossFit and Running

Life is all about challenging yourself and growing as a person, right?!

The second half of 2017 has been all about change and personal growth for me. We moved at the start of the school year so that our kids could start at a new school and we could streamline things a bit to get my husband closer to the airports for all of the traveling that he has been doing. This means we moved out of the house that I thought was our forever home. We moved from where we have been for almost 17 years. We moved further away from family and from the people who have been in my life for the same amount of time as we have lived in our house.

Some people like change. For me it creates anxiety and a total sense of disequilibrium. But, I have been working to embrace all of this change by diving headfirst into new things, meeting new people, joining new groups and exploring our new community.

One of my latest new endeavors this fall is joining CrossFit at the River Valley Club (CrossFitRVC). I have missed having strength training as a part of my training regimen. For the past two years I have done a boot camp two days a week at a small training gym but had to let it go at the end of the school year because it just didn’t work with my schedule. After two different injuries (peroneal tendonitis and a back injury due to piroformis syndrome) I realized how important strength training is to my running. The added strength helps me to jump those hard hurdles when the races get tough. It has helped me to build more grit to push through pain during the tough miles, those ones where it just hurts and you just have to muscle through. So now I am adding CrossFitter to my training resume to get back on the strength training wagon. I am also excited about the team aspect  as this is something that I have missed since my days of rowing in college. What I am looking for is to build strength to benefit my running so I need to figure out the perfect balance of number of days of CrossFit to combine with running.

According to,

“CrossFit can make you a faster, better runner. Being a balanced athlete is the name of the game. Running fast is great, but having functional strength is equally as important in the long run. Strength training can improve your power, speed, balance, coordination, bone and tendon.”

Amanda from Run To The Finish shares her take on CrossFit and running when she interviews Jess of Blonde Ponytail.

“CrossFit is an outstanding way to enhance your endurance training by building strength, flexibility and speed.”

CrossFit Workouts for Runners

Here are a few resources for runners to get you started or head on over to your local  gym to see if they have any intro sessions that you can try like I did!

Do you do CrossFit? What do you think about CrossFit and Running?

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One response

One response

  1. OMG this is too funny because I just joined a CrossFit gym (one just opened close to us) and, although I have only done one session, I hated it. I’m giving it a month but it goes against everything I know about strength training – namely doing reps to failure and only working one muscle group per workout. Not so good. I’m going to look at your links and maybe just do the open gym times on my own…but that kind of defeats the purpose for me. Oh well.
    I’m glad you’re embracing all this change. I would feel exactly the way you do about moving after so many years BUT I’m sure nothing but great things await you and your family in your new home!! xoxo

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