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Cross-Training for Runners and Fun Run Box Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent a Fun Run Box for my review. All of the opinions expressed here are my own.

Cross Training for Runners

Cross Training for Runners
Cross Training for Runners

During the winter months or in between racing seasons your body may need a break from the daily pounding of running. It’s important to have several different options for cross training to give your body a break. Cross-Training is beneficial for runners for many reasons. The biggest reason is injury prevention because cross training gives your body a break from the repetitive motion of running. Overuse injuries are common with running so it is important to listen to your body and to make time for other things. Cross-Training can provide you with greater running fitness according to Runner’s World by doing these three things:

  1. Enhance a runner’s efficiency.
  2. Increase a runner’s power.
  3. Increase the amount of time a runner is able to spend training without accumulating fatigue or getting injured.

Those sound like amazing benefits to me! Cross Training is active recovery which means you are still working your body aerobically and you are improving strength. Cross training can also keep your motivation high for running which is a benefit because you may burn out if you run all the time.

What are some options for Cross-Training?


Swimming benefits runners because it trains you aerobically and anaerobically depending on the workout. Swimming will also help to strengthen your upper and lower body as well as your core. Swimming does not have the hard impact of running on your joints.

Barre/Barre Mix

This is a low impact workout that will help you to work on your stability muscles as well as your core. Barre and Barre Mix also help out with flexibility.


Yoga is beneficial for runners because it provides deep stretching, flexibility and work on breath and focus.


Tennis is a great cardio activity and has your body moving in different planes then running as you pivot, shuffle, swing, and stretch.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing is very aerobic like running but without the impact. Cross-country skiing is a great substitute for running and also gets your outdoors on beautiful nature snowy nature trails.


Another great aerobic low impact sport, cycling will work your legs and core. You can road ride or hit the bike trainer or head to the closest spinning class to get in a great workout.


Rowing is a full body sport, working your legs, arms, back and core. This is also a great cardio workout and low impact to give your legs a break from running.

Which cross-training workouts will you choose? I love that my coach has plenty of cross-training built into my training schedule because as I get older (wink wink) I am more mindful of how much pounding I am subjecting my body too. Also, I am still struggling a bit with SI Joint trouble so I don’t want to aggravate that especially as my running mileage increases as I train for Half Marathons and then for the Portland Marathon next October. Currently my favorite Cross-Training is Swimming, Barre Mix, and Tennis.

Cross Training for Runners and a review of @FunRunBox #runchat #running #crosstraining

Fun Run Box Review

Fun Run Box
Fun Run Box

Why not reward yourself for all of the great running and cross-training that you are doing? Sign up for the Fun Run Box, a monthly subscription box full of running goodies and a monthly running challenge to keep your running motivated. Each box comes full of snacks, apparel for runners, skin care, and gear for you to keep you feeling inspired to get out there and to run your very best.

I received the January Fun Run Box and was excited to see what was inside. What I received:

  • City Sports Winter Hat
  • Trail Heads Gloves
  • Hot Hands Hand Warmers
  • Boost Hydration Mix
  • 2 packets of NUTTZO
  • An Ear Warmer
  • A Small Magnet
  • Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt
Fun Run Box Valentine's Scavenger Hunt
Fun Run Box Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

The goodies in this months running box are perfect for all of the cold weather running that I am currently doing. I gifted the hat to my boyfriend, a triathlete who is also always constantly training. The rest of the goodies I am ready to enjoy! Many of the items focus on nutrition, hydration, and recovery. I love the fact that each box comes with a monthly running challenge. This months fun scavenger hunt is a great way to keep runs interesting because you have to look for certain things when you are out running, you can even win a free box for completing the scavenger hunt! Some months you will receive discount codes for items in the box. You will also receive training tips, motivation and more. Check out what was inside some of the other Fun Run Boxes.

When you join the Fun Run Box Subscription service you tell them your shirt, sock, and calf size so they know the right size goodies to send you. You can sign up monthly, for 3, 6, or 12 months. with prices ranging from $36.99 for monthly to $29.59 (per month) for 12 months. You can get 15% off your first FUN RUN BOX when you enter the CODE: Welcome15 at checkout!

What are some of your favorite Cross-Training Activities? Who would you gift FUN RUN BOX to?

Organic Runner Mom

10 responses

10 responses

  1. I’ve been using Orangetheory and yoga for my cross-training.

    What a great collection in that sub box – always fun to get to try out new products!

  2. Been keeping up with yoga for cross training since I really need to work on my flexibility. I love the idea of runners box since you get a box of goodies every month!

  3. Of those options, yoga is my favorite form of cross-training.

    That’s a really cool subscription box. I have only had a few sub boxes but I end up canceling them, because I get overwhelmed by receiving so much stuff.

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