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“Controlled” Energy

In honor of Dr. Seuss's Upcoming Birthday. This seems appropriate

In life we all have many “mountains” to face. Some big, some small, some figurative and some literal. One of the biggest daily challenges is to make to most of what you have, to put your best foot forward and to face the challenges and adventures that lay ahead. Training for a marathon gives me the time that I need to reflect on life, family, friends, and experiences and to figure out how to move forward and embrace what each day and each moment brings.

Different workouts often mirror life. Some days when I put on my running shoes and head out the door a run can feel like it takes forever with lead weights in my shoes, feeling breathless when not even working hard. Whereas on some days a run feels like floating with my feet gliding across the ground with the grace of a gazelle speeding across the African plain. I wish I could pass this feeling along to those who need it to help when challenge arises.

Super Fast! Thomson's Gazelle can run 50 mph!

Last night I had a “gazelle run.” The night was crisp, with a low hanging moon, and bright stars and planets visible in the night sky. Apparently a meteor even crossed the NH sky last night. Plus it was the eve of “leap day.” I set out with my running buddies on River Road lit only by the glow of lights from a few houses, our headlamps, and flashing vests. For this tempo run my usual friend B. joined me along with the addition of another “Krazie” who is also known as Captain D. (and often sometimes group therapist). Our attitude upon heading out was light as we warmed up. The workout was a tempo run meant to focus on pace.

*10 minute gradual w/u to include: 3 x :15 striders with 1:00 easy in between. 5 x 4:00 at 8:00-8:15 pace, 1:00 easy jog in between. Remainder of run, easy, comfortable recovery pace

Energy captured!

When the energy is high and your legs feel light it is hard to maintain the recommended pace but thankfully we had the help of our Garmins and Captain D. to help us maintain pace and to not push too hard. This tempo run had the kind of “controlled” energy that I always wish I could bottle up and use on race day. This is the energy that everyone needs at some point in the face of a challenge.

Bottled Lightning=Energy

Perhaps the energy of the night run had to do with the amazing night sky. We are heading into a month where five of the planets Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn will all be bright and visible in the night sky. Whatever it was this run left us all feeling lifted up and light for the remainder of the night.

It’s time to work on capturing that feeling and powering through.

See you on the mountain this weekend for Round #4 of The Winter Wild Race Series at Mt. Sunapee this weekend!


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