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The complicated emotions of a runner.

The emotions of a runner.

The emotions of a runner can be complex.

The emotions of a runner can be complex.

Running can conjure up a wide range of emotions depending on the moment in time. I have become a passionate runner and each run is a special experience. sometimes the wide range of emotions that you feel when you are running can be overwhelming or inspiring. Here are some of the emotions that I feel when I am out for a run or running in a race.

  1. Pure joy as the wind pushes my hair back and my feet hit the pavement.
  2. Excitement when I discover a new trail to explore.
  3. Fear when I am running alone.
  4. Comfort when I am running with friends.
  5. Exhaustion as I push hard to cross the line in a race.
  6. Disappointment when I do not achieve my goal.
  7. Determination when I am chasing down my P.R. or a competitor on the course.
  8. Sadness as a race that I have been training for has ended.
  9. Angry when I don’t try my hardest and I quit on myself.
  10. Happiness when I reach the peak of a hard hill
  11. Inspired when I am running with a strong group of women.
  12. Proud when I push myself as hard as I can and achieve my goal or smash it.

What emotions do you experience when you run?

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2 responses

2 responses

  1. It is such a range for me…some days I feel awesome, other days I think about every ache and pain. I raced today and I was with a friend who is faster than me, so the entire time I felt like I was going a little too fast, but I didn’t want to let her down. And a PR it is! So a good day today, I’ll try to carry that with me for my half next weekend.

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