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Choose Love Not Fear in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon 2013

No words. I ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. In shock. I was one block away . . . Hold your loved ones close and send prayers to the families deeply affected by this terrible tragedy.


#runforboston #prayforboston #chooselove


6 responses

6 responses

    1. Thank you Krysten. Being so close to something like this definitely makes you appreciate everything that you have. Hugs to you and hope your recovery is going well!

  1. I am glad you are safe. I was talking to a woman today who I met that afternoon who is struggling with the whole thing. I encouraged her to focus on the positive, such as the fact that we became friends, we saw LOTS of kindness of strangers and how the running community has come together. So I definitely agree with choosing love over fear.

  2. This yellow heart w/the dates and such would make an amazing tshirt that proceeds could be donated to the fund!!! I would def. buy many of these

    1. Thank you. I put together this graphic the morning after the bombing. You are the second person to suggest a t-shirt. I will have to look into it!

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