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Checking in-Coronavirus Log

I got this mug right before the pandemic hit.

“I try to act nonchalant but inside I’m actually chalant AF.”

I think this pretty much sums up how many of us are feeling right now. On the outside I am doing pretty well but inside, the anxiety of uncertainty is bubbling up. We are all stuck in this weird twilight zone that is life right now. Spending our days trying to find some sense of normalcy while stuck in our homes. Trying to get into a routine when the days of staying home stretch out before us with no real end point in sight.

My kids are lucky as their school is doing very well with keeping the kids engaged in online learning. Both kids have become more well versed in technology than me, my daughter spends her morning in Google Classroom, Google hangouts and ZOOMing with her teachers. My son looks forward to seeing his friends on ZOOM. Another positive is that the kids have a lot of time for creativity so they are drawing more, painting more, creating contraptions and machines out of the recycling, doing legos, playing games. We are also spending more time outside exploring and walking the dog. Our dog is thrilled by the amount of walks that he is getting to go on.

Being a stay at home mom, I am filling my days with organizing and decluttering projects. Here’s a great article to help with the great clean out: “Tips on Tackling Big Home Organization Projects.” I am baking up a storm and trying new recipes although I am running out of necessary baking ingredients which are hard to find at the store (like yeast and baking powder). Trips to the grocery store are few so as not to go out much so I have stocked up the fridge after working on creating meal plans for the week. Here are some of the latest recipes that we have tried and enjoyed:

As for me and running goals, my half marathon the Cover Bridges Half Marathon was postponed until 2021. Now my focus is on the Portland Marathon which is on October 4th (my birthday) which will hopefully still happen but who knows. I am sure that I will run some other races before then but it all depends on what happens with the Coronavirus. Since I have my kids at home with me most of the time most of my running is on my treadmill and then I am doing cross-training on my bike trainer. I am able to do hill repeats out my front door on the hill in front of my house which is nice. I have also gotten to do a little bit of running with my boyfriend who is the only other person that we are seeing during this crazy at home time. I also plan to try some at home workouts like yoga and strength training just to mix things up.

As far as mental health goes, I typically meet with my therapists in person but since we can no longer do that, we are set up with telehealth which is basically facetime for health workers. It is great to be able to continue checking in with my therapists during all of this craziness.

And lastly, I am thankful that it is April and that this year the winter was much shorter than last winter. We did have some snow yesterday and a weird thunderstorm with hail but the fact that we can already see our grass and that I can start thinking about cleaning out my flower gardens and planning a garden makes me very happy. This will be my first garden in almost three years. At my old house I had great raised beds. This year I am starting with one which my boyfriend helped me get set up. Now all I need is soil and some seeds. It will be fun to plan out what will be in our garden with the kids.

How are you doing during these crazy Coronavirus times? What are you doing to stay busy? Are you an essential worker and needing to go into work every day? Are you working at home now in addition to helping your kids with distance learning?

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7 responses

7 responses

  1. Glad to hear things are going well! It is a weird situation, certainly nothing most couldn’t have predicted. While the bulk of coworkers are working from home, there are about 12-15 of us still working onsite. We are well-spaced from one another, so things are functioning….just hand sanitizer everywhere! Hang tough, this won’t last forever & we’ll all be stronger for the experience.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Give Me 19 Minutes…My Profile

  2. So glad to hear that you are doing ok. It really is all so strange…. And March felt like it was never ending! This morning started with sunny clear skies and lots of birds sounds, a new month, and a little more lift in my spirits
    Keep hanging in there!! We’re all here for each other!

  3. Sandra, you summed up my entire life and all my feelings in this post. My anxiety is brimming just below the surface for sure. I can go several hours without any of the “shakes” and then all of a sudden I’m in a spiral. Granted no one can tell I’m spiraling except for me, but it’s still there.

    I’m needing to go to the grocery tomorrow and I can’t decide if I should go to the warehouse store and buy as much as I can in bulk, or if I should go to the regular grocery and buy fresh produce. I don’t want to go to both places but I may have to… the struggle is real and this is one of the main culprits of my anxiety…

    Hugs to you. We’ve got this (?).

  4. I do, am pretty damn chalant LOL!

    Everything is just insane over here. Mr PugRunner is working from home so he’s taken over the office. Little man is doing his distance learning, so he’s taken over the loft. It’s fine, but we are all stir crazy and ready for things to get back to normal.

    Hang in there.

  5. I’m working at home and don’t feel like I have any more “free” time. I’m sure I’m spending more checking on-line news for updates

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