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Organic Runner Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Organic Runner Mom's Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12th. It’s time to start thinking about some fun running goodies that your runner mom might like as a special treat! I have selected some really great apparel and goodies for this years Mother’s Day Gift Guide. The weather is getting warmer and running season is getting into … Read More »

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Friday 5: 5 reasons why spring running is so great!

5 reasons why spring running is so great! As I write this I am watching snow steadily fall in New Hampshire. Will spring ever arrive? In spite of that let’s talk about the great reasons why spring running is so fantastic. Ditch those layers. Yesssssss! After running and living in layers all winter it is … Read More »

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Weekly Rundown: Weekly Workout Recap March 11-17

Weekly Workout Recap March 11-17 Half marathon training for the Wallis Sands Half Marathon is in full effect! Here is a rundown of my latest workouts. Monday-Endurance Run 1:45 With 1212 feet of elevation gain this 11.1 mile run was a challenging one but I felt strong and am happy to be getting more long … Read More »

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I’m running a half marathon!

I’m running a half marathon! Well friends I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a Half Marathon. It has been awhile since I have signed up for an trained specifically for a race. The last time was probably The Boston Marathon in 2017. Don’t get me wrong I have run some races  … Read More »

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Is Running Moving Meditation?

Is Running Moving Meditation? What is meditation and can you meditate when you are running? According to Headspace, meditation is, “Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts … Read More »

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Tips for How to Stick with Running as a Beginner.

Tips for How to Stick with Running as a Beginner. It’s almost the New Year. Perhaps you’ve been contemplating starting something new. Maybe you’ve considered starting to run! I say go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose. When you are a running beginner there are several things that I would do to help to … Read More »

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Wooden Watches by JORD.

Wooden Watches by JORD. A classic timepiece to personalize your style. Disclaimer: Today’s blog post is in partnership with JORD.  All opinions expressed here are my own. As I sit in a bakery watching the snowflakes fall I am realizing that winter may be here to stay in New Hampshire. Along with winter comes winter style. … Read More »

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