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Wellness Discussion–Thyroid Function

Wellness Chat–Looking for possible answers to ongoing fatigue. Could it be thyroid dysfunction?  Awhile back I wrote a little bit about some trouble that I have been having with fatigue, migraines and possible blood sugar level issues. Today I wanted to give you a little update as to what I have discovered lately through a … Read More »

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Five Things to Think About When Running

Friday Five. Five Things Runners Think About When Running. I don’t train with music when I run outside. Ever. I never run with headphones and music when I head outdoors. People often ask doesn’t that get boring to run as far as you do with no music or podcasts to listen to? The answer is … Read More »

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Best Books to Inspire You to Swim, Bike and Run!

The Best Books to Inspire You into the new year! I am trying to get my Boston Marathon training cycle fully underway however my children gifted me with a nasty cold/flu thing and I’ve been down for the count for the past three days. Interestingly I had a fantastic run during the day on Saturday … Read More »

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Friday Five. Five Awesome People Who Motivate Me.

Which awesome people motivate me? It’s time for Friday Five! And today I’m talking all about the people who motivate me? It is so hard to narrow it down to just five especially after being around so many inspirational women last weekend at the Rise. Run. Retreat.  But that gives me the perfect segue so … Read More »

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Why you need an online running coach!

It’s time to take my training up a level! Why I chose to get a running coach. Prior to having children I had run several marathons, the Nike Women’s Marathon, Several Vermont City Marathons, and the Marine Corps Marathon. I always thought about qualifying for Boston but never truly went for it with focused training. … Read More »

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