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Burn it up

20 miles of amazing

20 miles, burning it up on the Kingdom Trails yesterday. Gorgeous views, sweat, endurance, fast chicks.

Yesterday was a day to practice fueling as well as to practice finding speed on fatigued legs. Done! And, done!

I have been so much better during training and long runs with more fuel in my tank. I have been adding in a lot of extra calories in the days leading up to my long runs . The all important pre-run meals for me are a pre-bedtime bowl of granola loaded with almonds, chia seeds, fruit and even some delicious creamy whole milk. When I wake up I have a giant bowl of oatmeal with bananas and milk, maple syrup and whatever else strikes my mood. By doing this I have been feeling so much stronger at the start of the run. The trick during the run is to catch the hunger before it even hits. There is nothing worse than the feeling of a sugar crash which causes heavy lead legs and a spacey Sandy! I must avoid that at all costs!

Up, up , and away Fueling Break Willoughby Gap

We ran on beautiful trails yesterday and encouraged each other on as we spent a lot of time going up as we climbed “moose alley” up to the mid-Burke lodge at BURKE Mountain after the hard work of all of the climbing we relished the smooth descent down the newly curving “knightslayer” before heading back over to the “East Branch.” The woods were cool with velvet green moss lining the trails as we navigated the roots along the trail ad we pushed towards 14 miles where we would begin to push the pace. Bridget and I welcomed the addition of a new fast chick, Catherine, who joined us for our trail adventure as she added new energy and motivation to our training.

Fast Chicks on the trail Running on the Burke x-country trails

I worked to achieve my focus for the last six as we dropped the pace down to a quick 8:05 and even faster 7:30 for the last two. The focus at the end as we climbed to “Heaven’s Bench” is what I will need on marathon day. I felt strong and want to thank my awesome training partners for their intensity.



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