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Boston Marathon Training Week 1!

Bring it on! Boston Marathon Training has officially started!

2017 Boston Marathon Training Update Running a marathon

2017 Boston Marathon Training Update

It’s hard to believe it but in a few short months I’ll be in the corrals in Hopkinton, MA getting ready to run my 4th Boston Marathon! I hung on to earn my qualifier last year narrowly squeaking in by 40 seconds! I am feeling so excited to run this year as this race means so much to me and it means another amazing opportunity to see so many of my strong inspiring running friends. It is also the 50th Anniversary of Kathrine Switzer’s groundbreaking run where she broke barriers for women everywhere. I’ll be running every mile as a celebration of women’s running with 261 Fearless (Kathrine Switzers non-profit which empowers women to run around the globe) on my mind. There will be an incredible team of 261 Fearless runners running each mile along with Kathrine Switzer and raising money for her non-profit! You can donate to this awesome cause by visiting the 261 Fearless CROWDRISE Page. I’ll be running with my qualifier bib so if you would like to donate just select anyone of the inspiring team members to support.

Since the NYC Marathon I’ve been busy maintaining my base but also giving my body a rest from only running. I’ve been back in the pool which will help me when triathlon season picks up after the Boston Marathon. I have been loving swimming as I am swimming at a different pool now. My new pool is several degrees warmer which makes swimming much more enjoyable. I no longer fear hopping into the frigid waters of a swimming pool in winter. As another bonus I now have a friend to go to the pool with which makes my workouts less lonely. And lastly I got waterproof iPod shuffle and headphones for swimming so now I can rock out as I swim lap after lap. Organic Runner Dad made me my first swimming playlist which was kind of hilarious!

In addition to swimming I dusted of my trusty steed bike and set up my bike trainer. It will be awhile before I am able to bike on the roads again. It was -11 degrees today and the shoulders on the roads have all but disappeared. I forgot what a sweat fest the bike trainer is. So good! I hope to head to the new spinning studio that has opened up near my kids school. I am currently still on my Specialized Road Bike but hope to head over to FitWerx a specialty triathlon shop to pick out a REAL triathlon bike!

This winter we have actually had beautiful snow in New Hampshire so the cross country ski season got off to an early start! Last year my skis collected dust in our barn as the winter was pretty sad here. Not only am I cross country skiing on my own but we also get to cross country ski once a week with our kids who are in the Bill Koch Cross Country Ski League where they will hopefully learn to love one of my favorite sports! Winter can be long here so we try to embrace all that winter has to offer. We have also been snowshoeing, ice skating and downhill skiing!

Now the running is amping back up and I am excited to get going on the hard work that goes into running a marathon! It’s time to start building up the miles and to get some more speed in my legs!

Boston Marathon 2017 Training Week 1

  • Tuesday 1/3- Strength Training Bootcamp 1:00
  • Wednesday 1/4- 50 Minute Hill Repeats including 6 x 1:00 with 3 min easy between each, done on treadmill due to weather
  • Thursday 1/5- Strength Training Bootcamp 1:00
  • Friday 1/6- 1 Hour Bike trainer Over Unders: 10 min. warmup w/ 4 x :20 sec. one legged pedal drills
    Perform 3 x 12 min. as (4 min. Tempo/ 2 min. SS/ 3 min. Tempo/ 3 min. SS) 3 min. Recovery btwn each., also downhill skiing with kids
  • Saturday 1/7- 2:00 Easy cross country ski with kids
  • Sunday 1/8-Easy ice skating
  • Monday 1/9-1:30 endurance run on treadmill due to temps, 10 min gradual w/u, Comfortable, aerobic endurance run with a 1:00 pick-up every 10 minutes, 5 min easy run to conclude Approx. 10 miles, treadmill was not happy in the cold so monitor was going crazy!

What are you training for right now? Do you love or loathe treadmill runs?

Organic Runner Mom


8 responses

8 responses

  1. What are 1:00 pick ups? I’ve never heard that expression before. Guessing it’s 1:00 minute at a faster clip then back to an easier pace. I loathe TM runs, but sometimes there’s no other way, and they’re good for shorter runs. But, outdoor trail or long runs a long the coast are my favorite.

    1. Hi Jeanne, yes 1 minute pick-ups mean that you should pick up the pace for that minute and then slow it back down again. Definitely try it out! I love trail running too! Wish that we lived closer to the coast as its such a gorgeous place to run. Happy running!

  2. Have the best training and race ever. Make it hard to leave marathoning behind! (even though I know tha tyou need a break). The training is my favorite part. I love the routine and structure 😀

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