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Boston Marathon Training is Back on Track!

Boston Marathon Training is Back on track! (with a few minor hiccups)

Boston Marathon training Update. Wearing Red for International Women's Day

Boston Marathon training Update. Wearing Red for International Women’s Day

Hello marathon maniacs! How is your training going? I am getting ready for Boston and am hitting that pre-marathon wall that I think runners often hit as the big day gets closer. I had a little training hiatus during our trip to the Dominican Republic which while the vacation was amazing it has been a bit hard to keep up the momentum that I had in my training. When we got home from vacation, the kids were on school vacation and my husband has had to travel a ton.This has meant getting creative with training and spending a lot of time indoors on my treadmill and bike trainer. I also have some weights stashed under my bed to for strength training since I missed the whole last cycle of boot camp.

Freezing my butt off for a solid 20 miles of Boston Marathon training.

Freezing my butt off for a solid 20 miles of Boston Marathon training.

As far as training goes I missed a long run when we were gone but got in a solid 20 miler over the weekend in the freezing cold wind. I ran a regular route that I like to do because I feel like it mimics some of the terrain on the Boston race course. My 20 miles route starts off with some big downhill efforts and then some rolling hills with another medium sized hill around mile 8. Since I do this run as an out and back when I do the course in the reverse I get the big uphills on the way back which always helps me mentally in Boston when we get into the Newton Hills and to Heartbreak Hill.

Bib Numbers for the big day have been announced!!

Bib Numbers for the big day have been announced!!

For the most part my running has been back on track over the past week and a half but I did miss a running field test to check out my speed for the Boston Marathon because I have just been too sore over the past few days so I did a bit of shifting and juggling of my training schedule. My 20 miler was strong. I ran it in 2:58, a solid training run on a tough route but it was super cold on Sunday and despite being dressed in plenty of warm layers including my now favorite Skirt Sports Toasty Tights. I got super sweaty while I was running and the wind felt like it was cutting right through me. By the end of the run my toes were cold making my feet feel heavy and my legs felt slow too because my muscles were starting to tighten from the cold. I have been foam rolling like it is my job since that 20 miler using a couple of favorites including the Triggerpoint Grid Roller and my RUBZ massage ball to try to workout my Piroformis which is getting all tight and angry with me. I have also been using my Dr. COOL Ice therapy wraps to wrap my left foot which seems to be having a minor flare up of Peroneal Tendonitis (Not cool!!!!). In case you missed it you can check out my article earlier this week detailing how to stretch when peroneal tendonitis is a concern.

Recovery Tools for Runners

Recovery Tools for Runners

I am also wondering if some of the additional soreness is due to the functioning of my thyroid. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis an auto-immune disease of the thyroid. This essentially means that my body is attacking my thyroid. I am currently being treated for it with a thyroid replacement, levothyroxine. I haven’t had my thyroid levels checked in about 6 months. It is  possible that my medication needs to be adjusted. Hashimoto’s will eventually cause hypothyroidism. Symptoms of Hashimoto’s can include muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness. I am sure that most of what I am experiencing is just from training but this week I have been having trouble shaking it. Many people tell me that their Hashimoto’s affects them to the point where running becomes difficult (hopefully that is not the case). If this continues I may start looking into the AutoImmune Protocol which is a diet followed by many people who have Auto-Immune diseases. This diet is said to help with the inflammation that causes many symptoms of  autoimmune disease. Thankfully since my diagnosis I have gotten a lot of the fatigue under control.

Here is a peek at my Training Peaks Log that I have to submit to my coach Denise from the Sustainable Athlete every day. I love working with my coach because she adapts my training plan based on how everything is going.

Boston Marathon Training from The Sustainable Athlete

Boston Marathon Training from The Sustainable Athlete

How has your training been going this week? Do you have any upcoming races? What are some of your favorite running recovery tools?

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22 responses

22 responses

  1. You’re almost there! That’s a really solid 20 miler to have under your belt. Although I have no idea how you managed that entire thing in the freezing cold! I’m hitting the point lately where I’m ready for a break… thankfully I’m just now entering my taper, so the timing worked out. 🙂
    Laura recently posted…Anyone else want to join me at the Newport 10k?My Profile

  2. Great job getting your 20-miler done!
    I’ve noticed that when I do a hard run or race, the following couple of days I’m pretty exhausted. Stupid Hashi junk! That’s my biggest issue thus far, the fatigue.
    So, I feel you!

  3. Great job on the 20 miler!
    I have the LA Marathon on the 19th!! My training this cycle, has been iffy at best 🙁 I had a foot issue, followed by a knee issue, then the whole family had that horrible cold/flu bug that’s been going around. So, after a long heart to heart with my hubby (who is my training buddy/coach) this marathon may just be about enjoying the run and finishing! Getting that BQ may just have to wait until the next marathon! So whatever happens on race day, I will finish, and finish with a smile!! 🙂

  4. I suffer from an auto immune disease is well and I’ve never heard of this diet. I’m gonna have to Google it and learn more about it!

    Sounds like training is going really well for you. It’s coming up!!

  5. You’ve got a great pace going! Indeed, a marathon is less a test of your physical strength and more a test of your will power. Though easier said than done, an athlete must also be all-geared on the track with proper running shoes and sportswear. I believe the right footwear is essential to maximize your foot strength and prevent any future Plantar Fasciitis. May you keep your healthy running routine for your marathon.

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