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The Boston Marathon. A race to remember.

I promise I will have more of a recap about the Boston Marathon 2014 coming soon. I am still overwhelmed by running the race this year and this time it is for positive reasons.

#PROOF Boston Marathon 2014

#PROOF Boston Marathon 2014

I ran my heart out on Monday and even though I did not PR and I did not re-qualify with my time I am very proud of my hard earned time of 3:45:43. The whole year leading up to the race has been an emotional journey and I have also fought hard to keep my body healthy and strong to be able to run injury free.

I am thankful to have been able to run the Boston Marathon with so many strong individuals. On Monday I witnessed the true strength of the human spirit and that energy has filled me up with new inspiration.

I will never forget this unbelievable race. Thank you for supporting me along the way. I ran for all of you and for those who could not.

I am proud to be BOSTON STRONG!

Boston Strong! Boston Marathon 2014. #WeRunTogether

Boston Strong! Boston Marathon 2014. #WeRunTogether


10 responses

10 responses

    1. Thank you Laura! I was overwhelmed to run this year. The emotions were so strong. I was proud to run and ran with all my heart!

    1. Thanks! YOu have been racing up a storm! How is your body holding up? Congrats on all of your super solid finish times! Amazing!

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