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Fresh Friday: Boston Marathon Race Outfit Preview

Boston Marathon Race Outfit Preview-Skirt Sports, Sparkly Soul, SLS3 Compression Socks

Boston Marathon Race Outfit Preview

What to wear to a marathon:

It’s the final countdown. As Boston Marathon Monday closes in I am packing my bags for the big day. Part of final race preparation is choosing the race day outfit. On race day I want to be comfortable. During a 26.2 Mile race (yes, this marathon is 26.2 miles . . . haha!) there is nothing worse than dealing with “wardrobe malfunctions” such as nasty chafing or having shorts that ride up.  During training leading up to the race I have perfected my race day “look.” to one that is comfortable and will stand up to the rigors of running a long distance.

In addition to standing up to the miles, I am also staying true to myself and wearing fun bright colors and of course a fast “Gym Girl Ultra” Skirt from Skirt Sports (Skirt Sports was kind enough to provide me with this outfit–Gym Girl Ultra Skirt, Wonder Girl Tank, Long Sleeve Shirt, and Arm Warmers– for me to wear during the Boston Marathon).  My other marathon outfit staples are SLS3 Women’s Butterfly Compression Socks and a Sparkly Soul 5/8 Inch Silver Headband along with My Brooks Adrenaline GTS (#runhappy)

What is your favorite Marathon Race Outfit? Do you have any pieces of clothing that you must wear during a marathon?

If you are running the Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day good luck and hopefully I’ll see you out on the course! 



12 responses

12 responses

  1. All good choices that should work well for you. Be sure to take some warm “throw away” clothes for the start wait period. The temp most likely will increase with the day so have an outer layer you can toss to the crowd once you are sure you are “warm enough” . tons of clothes are donated to the homeless shelter from runners who do this. Good luck and have a great and FUN run.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit. Adorable!
    You are going to rock it on Monday, and I will be watching the livestream and looking for you. GO GIRLIE GO!!

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  5. I hope you make it home safe and sound. And my prayers go out to the injured and their families. God bless!

    1. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts Erica. What a scary time for everyone. I am thankful for the love and thoughts from everyone in this difficult time. Be #BostonStrong

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