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Boston Marathon Race Day Outfit Preview

Boston Marathon Race Outfit 2014

Boston Marathon Race Outfit 2014

What will I be wearing at the Boston Marathon? It’s time to get ready to run, girl run!

If you have run in any type of long race you know how important your race day outfit can be. First and foremost your race day outfit needs to be functional and comfortable.  The last thing that any runner wants to experience when running a marathon is painful chafing (you know the kind that will cause you to shriek in pain in the shower after the race, no thanks!).  Also, you want to choose running clothes that will stay put (no one likes to have their shorts or running skirt riding up as the miles add up.  When choosing my running clothes for a marathon I always test them out during my long training runs to make sure that I won’t encounter any of these issues on race day.

Once I have determined if the clothes are worthy of 26.2 miles the next thing that I always like to consider is the style factor. Hey, at least if my clothes are cute I have a slight possibility of avoiding an embarrassing race day photo, right? When thinking about race day style I look for running clothes that have bright and fun colors, wild patterns, and I definitely want to be running in a skirt.  For some reason I have always loved wearing tall socks (this goes back to my days of Colby Crew way way back in 1999) so the Compression Sock craze (functional yet fashionable!) suits me just perfectly.

I am truly appreciative of Skirt Sports, Bani Bands, and Crazy Compression for providing me with the awesome gear that I will be wearing on Boston Marathon Monday as I run 26.2 Miles from Hopkinton to Boston.

Here is what I will be wearing on Marathon Monday as I speed by on the race course towards Boylston Street. If you want to track me I will be wearing BIB #18384:

  1. Skirt Sports Eclipse Tank in Azul, Skirt Sports Cougar Skirt in Azul, Skirt Sports Sabrina B Sports Bra in Black
  2. Bani Bands Head Band Sequin Purple
  3. Crazy Compression Purple Over the Calf Diamonds
  4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS

It’s time to run down the course and finish that race!



What is your favorite Marathon Day outfit?


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4 responses

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