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Boston Marathon 2014 training starts now!

It’s time to kick things up a notch! Boston Marathon training starts now!

According to my super amazing coach Denise Goode of the Sustainable Athlete, Boston Marathon 2014 training begins NOW! What? Yes, it’s already time to ramp up the training and to kick things into full throttle.  And today I am ready to go for it. I am ready to begin my training and to move forward.  Everything is looking brighter. I have been in therapy for PTSD now for several months dealing with the post race experience from last year.  I am beginning to feel mentally stronger.  I am feeling supported by my family, and friends, and the community of runners who will be running this race together. There will be bumps in the road along the way with both my training and facing the challenge of this race from a mental perspective.  I want you to join me on my journey as I prepare for the Boston Marathon in the spring. I will be with you cheering you on in your training as you set and reach for your goals and hope that you will be cheering me on too.

Boston Marathon 2014
Boston Marathon 2014

I ran a strong race last year. A race that I am very proud of.  I will run again as a part of my recovery, to be strong, and to be at the race for those who are not able to run.

This was my Boston Marathon Race last year. It was a perfect race, until it was over.)
This was my Boston Marathon Race last year. It was a perfect race, until it was over.

Boston Marathon Training

My training for the Boston Marathon 2014 started out strong today!

My workout: 

10 minute dynamic warm-up

20 min easy jog to warm up with 3 x :15 second striders (with 2 min rest in between)

Perform 1 x 8 min Time Trial (building to max effort) on a track or flat measured surface..Record:
1. Distance Travelled
2. Avg HR
3. Max HR

Thorough cool down (getting your HR back down to starting, then walk for 15 min)


I’d say the 8 Minute Time  Trial went rather well. When I was finished my heart felt like it would explode out of my chest and I felt as though I might toss my cookies. I’d say that I fully exerted myself! My average pace was 6:57 minutes/mile!!!

Time Trial-1x8 minutes

Time Trial-1×8 minutes



4 responses

4 responses

  1. I am a new follower to your blog. I did not run last year, but am still hopeful for a charity spot for 2014. Regardless, I will be out there cheering ALL of you who will be out there running to heal, running for those who can’t. running for the rest of us who believe in and support you. This WILL be Boston’s best year yet.

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