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Boston Marathon 2014. I dedicate this run to you Boston.

Run Boston. Boston Marathon 2014

Go out and run Boston.

Run to be strong.

Run to feel proud.

Run with courage.

Run to feel pain.

Run and let the sorrow wash over you.

Run together and lift each other up.

Run together with powerful energy.

Run and remember.

Run fast or run slow.

Breathe deeply.

Embrace each other with kindness and carry each other along.

It will be ok to cry.

Let the emotions cover you.

Feel the energy of healing together as we move down Boylston and cross the line.

Together we will run Boston as one.

Finish Line at the 2013 Boston Marathon

Finish Line at the 2013 Boston Marathon


8 responses

8 responses

    1. Thanks Joelle! It was such an incredible day! I hope your running is going well!!!

  1. Beautiful — we will run and we will cross that finish line again. I can’t even imagine how it’s going to be — but I will see you there!

    1. It was beautiful, emotional, challenging . . . a day I will never forget. I hope your race went well!

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