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The Boy Who Spoke to The Earth-A Book Review

A Book review of The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

A Book Review of There Once was a Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

There Once was a Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

Our experiences in life can provide strong connections to literature. Today I am sharing some experiences from my own life that helped me to connect with There Once was a Boy Who Spoke to the Earth for my book review.

Being endurance athletes we are all outdoor enthusiasts.  Our training ground brings us through the wild outdoors on a daily basis on trails, on roads, in the mountains, on rivers and lakes. Part of my love or rather my almost insatiable passion for running is due to the fact that when I run, or row, paddle, ride, ski, or swim, I am able to completely immerse myself in the nature that surrounds us. It is very easy to pass through life without truly “seeing” nature and finding the joy and the happiness that lies within but if you allow yourself to live and breathe it in you will become enveloped in every feeling that nature can bring.

As a young child I grew up going to a Lake where our days were filled with woodsy walks and hours in and on the water, swimming and splashing. We would dance in the rain drops on our dock. We would dangle out tiny toes in the crystal water with the vast sky and moonlight overhead. We would watch from the lap of our parents as the rainstorm would travel from one end of the lake to the other with big splashing drops rolling off the roof into the water below. We were lucky to see Bald Eagles swoop down pulling fish from the water and to find salamanders hiding under the shelter of delicate ferns only to claim them as our temporary friends.

My own experiences growing up immediately connected me with the book that I am sharing with you today. Please enjoy my review.

There Once was a Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

There Once was a Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

There Once was a Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

*Disclaimer: I was given one copy of this book for review and one to giveaway as a part of my Ambassadorship with The North Face Locals. All opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

There is so much happiness and magic living and breathing around us on our Mother Earth and this magic is captured in the picture book The Boy Who Spoke to The Earth by Chris Burkard, illustrated by David McClellan. In this beautifully written story a boy goes out into nature searching for happiness and asks the earth as he goes, ” Where can I find happiness?” The boy follows Mother Earth through a journey of the different landscapes and climates to be found on earth all inspired by the author Burkhard’s own travels and adventures.



Th boy in the story becomes discouraged as he travels, feeling weary from not finding happiness. He journeys to quickly and rushes through each experience missing out on “seeing” all that the Earth has to offer him. It is not only the journey but what we see, feel and hear around us that bring true happiness. You must allow yourself and your senses to become fully immersed in each experience, to slow down and to live in each moment rather than to rush through.

The earth asks the boy, “My boy, Did you look without seeing?”

Take the time to look around. The boy discovers that finding happiness is not always a quick journey and that there is some effort involved of letting go and allowing yourself to live in the adventure, the journey and the nature of mother earth.

The Mountains–Illustration by David McClellan for The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

The Mountains–Illustration by David McClellan for The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

If you are a picture book enthusiast like me (former first grade teacher) or have a child in your life I encourage you to take a closer look at the beautiful lessons this story has to offer.

Take a peek at this cool book preview:

Book is available for purchase at, Written by adventure photographer Chris Burkard, Illustrated by Disney Interactive artist David McClellan, “Did you look without seeing?”  “The journey to happiness is difficult.”

Win a copy of The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth

The North Face Locals has given me an extra copy of this beautiful picture book to give to one of my adventurous readers.I hope my book review has gotten you excited to read! Please enter below and share this review and giveaway with your friends and family. Please enjoy!

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Please share your best memory from an outdoor adventure!

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9 responses

9 responses

  1. I grew up on a farm and I spent my days out in the fields (where I shouldn’t have been). Growing up in that landscape gave me the want to have a career in the landscape – and now I have a degree in Landscape Architecture. Do I use it? No…but I am outside, running or otherwise, all the time!
    lindsey @livinglovingrunner recently posted…April RunfessionsMy Profile

  2. This looks like a great picture book! I have fond memories of walks on the trails growing up & adventures rafting with my family.

  3. My favorite adventure moments have to do with being in nature with my camera. From early morning sunrises when everyone else is sleeping, to a star filled sky late at night. I do best when I am all alone, able to enjoy peace and solitude and capture it on my camera for others to enjoy.

  4. I love being outdoors! For me this is the best part of running and cycling, to be outside enjoying nature and amazing God’s creation. As a kid I enjoyed so much living close to the ocean. I used to be a scuba diver and now that I live so far from the ocean, running is the way to enjoy the mountains and the trees. This books seems to be a lovely book!

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