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Running vs. Biking.

Triathlon training is a go!

Running vs. Biking

Running vs. Biking

I got back on my bike this week to officially begin training for the Timberman Half Ironman triathlon which I will be racing in August. I didn’t do any biking on my trainer this winter as I was all in for Boston and all of my time was consumed with running. It felt strange to be back on my bike but my body is welcoming the change. Last winter I spent most of my time biking or in the pool because I was unable to run due to a back injury that was caused by piroformis issues so when I got on the road biking felt great and I had no new soreness. However after biking on Monday I was reminded of all of the different ways that muscle groups are activated. On Tuesday I was sore!

Running vs. Biking Muscles

Here are some great articles that detail the different ways that the major muscle groups are used in running and cycling:

Some other surprising places that I find to be sore after returning to biking are my wrists and hands because they absorb some of the shock from bumps in the road. Also, you may find that  back is sore due to the increased load. Your back muscles are engaged when cycling to help keep your body stabilized. Also, if you are new to cycling you may not be prepared for the soreness on your gluteus maximus, yes! your butt and other unmentionable places from spending time in the “saddle” (on your bike seat). It is best to work your way into the miles and to make sure that you have the best saddle for your most comfortable ride. But don’t go too crazy and run out and get a banana seat or a cruiser bike seat . . . Another issue that you might discover is that your toes go numb after some miles on the bike, if this is the case then you may need to make some pedal adjustments to get the angle just right.

If you are truly getting serious about biking and/0r triathlon then I would highly recommend getting a professional bike fitting. Getting your bike fitted will ensure that your bike is adjusted perfectly for you. A good bike fitter will take pictures and videos as well as body measurements to make proper adjustments for maximum comfort when riding. Some of the adjustments may be as minor as adding a shim under one of your bike shoe cleats to adjust for leg length differential.

What’s next for me?

It will take a little time for my body to adjust to the changes in my training but I can’t wait! I am still going to be running a ton this summer as I have the ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon coming up in June, the half marathon leg of the Half Ironman and then the NYC Marathon this Fall!

Zooma Women's Race Series Discount Code

Zooma Women’s Race Series Discount Code

What races do you have coming up next? What is the biggest difficulty for you when switching from running to biking?

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24 responses

24 responses

  1. I always get sore in my forearms when I switch back to biking! It is such a funny place to feel sore. I’m just now switching from half marathon training to training for a cycling event next month, and then a triathlon this summer (sprint distance). I have a lot of friends doing Timberman – it seems like a fun race!
    Chrissy @ Snacking in Sneakers recently posted…Earth Rock Run Race Review & Recap!My Profile

  2. Big gears to fast. I often find myself trying to get my pace back to fall #’s too soon, and get injured. The small ring is your friend when transitioning.

  3. My bike is a Walmart special bike that I coast around on at the campgrounds. But hey I do love it and 10 miles on that thing is something.
    I would love to get into some duathlons I think that would be neat!

  4. I am registered for a corporate 5k through work, and a memorial day 5K. I’m taking it slow right now.

    The hardest thing I found when going from running to biking is how dull and also stressful it is. I am terrified of being taken out by a motorist, so my whole body is just a bundle of nerves. I also have the pain in my wrists and forearms, although my butt has been fine. So there’s that LOL. I will get used to it as time goes on.

    Good luck with your training cycle! I will be paying close attention as I am thinking about signing up for my first tri soon.
    Jenn recently posted…wednesday word: dilemmaMy Profile

  5. I don’t do much biking (cycling? I don’t even know the proper term LOL)….but I’d like to do more. I have a mountain bike, but probably need to bite the bullet and get a road bike.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Got any Dilemmas?My Profile

    1. The transition is so rough as your legs feel like lead and like the won’t move the right way when you get off the bike. Definitely great cross-training!

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