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EnduraPouch Runners Fuel Pouch Review and Energy Goop Recipe

Endura Pouch Runners Fuel Pouch from The Gear Well

EnduraPouch Runners Fuel Pouch from The Gear Well

A New Way to Carry Runner’s Fuel, The EnduraPouch 

*Dislcaimer: This post is sponsored by The Gear Well. I was sent EnduraPouches  for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own!

Being a runner one of the challenges can be how to carry your runner’s fuel. I never have a shortage pockets (since I often wear Skirt Sports!) and often carry a hydration pack on long runs which gives me space to carry food but I am not a huge fan of the waste that is created from all of the wrappers and energy gel packages. If you are like me, running on a road or on a trail in the woods and seeing an empty energy gel pouch left on the ground makes me frustrated. I am always on the lookout for more sustainable options and have tried several different styles of energy gel containers that are reusable to be more eco-conscious and also to be able to carry extra fuel if needed.

After getting to know Laura from This Runner’s Recipes at the Rise. Run Retreat. this fall I was excited to learn that she and her husband are entrepreneurs having recently launched a business called The Gear Well. The Gear Well sells outdoor apparel, camping and hiking gear and the awesome reusable EnduraPouch Runners Fuel Pouch which is also great for packing snacks for kiddos in their school lunch, or for bringing along on your next hike.

 What I love about the Gear Well EnduraPouch 

EnduraPouch for Runner's Fuel from The Gear Well

EnduraPouch for Runner’s Fuel from The Gear Well

I love these little pouches because they have sustainability in mind because they are reusable and can be washed out by hand or in your dishwasher. Each pouch comes with an easy to screw on and off lid which is ideal for carrying fuel when I am on my bike during training rides and triathlons (this would eliminate the mishap of ending up with energy gel all over my face last year at the Half Ironman when I could not get my fuel pouch open! Haha!). Each pouch is 3 oz. in size ( I would love to see them in bigger sizes too!) and is easy to fill with a zipper enclosure on the bottom similar to that of a ZipLoc bag. These pouches are made with BPA-free plastic which all moms will love! These are also great to carry on long runs and ultra runs as they store perfectly in a hydration pack!



The added bonus for runners using these is that you can either use bulk energy gel to refill the EnduraPouch and cutdown on waste or you can fill them with homemade energy gels nut butters and more. When you order the EnduraPouch Runner’s Fuel Pouch  you will receive four reusable pouches and nut butter recipes such as “Chia Flax Peanut Butter” created by Laura. The pouch has a window so that you can view how much fuel you have left and you can write the name of the contents on the outside of the pouch.

Recipe– Banana Honey Coconut Endurance GOOP

Banana Coconut Honey Energy Goop

Banana Coconut Honey Energy Goop

Now that I have these great pouches I wanted to try concocting my own recipe to fill them with something yummy. One of my current favorites to carry on long training runs are the Clif Organic Energy Pouches filled with Banana Mango Coconut so I decided I need to make something with banana and coconut. To sweeten the deal I added some local honey which would also give a nice little energy boost. This recipe is simple, can be refrigerated but should be used quickly as ingredients are fresh.

Runner's Fuel

Runner’s Fuel


  • 2 Ripe Organic Bananas
  • 2 Teaspoons Local Honey
  • 2 Tablespoons Organic Dried Coconut

Chop Bananas. Measure out honey and coconut into a a bowl and add bananas. Use a hand blender to mix until mixture is smooth. Transfer Banana Honey Coconut Endurance GOOP in The Gear Well EnduraPouch Runners Fuel Pouch and refrigerate until you head out for your run, ride or day hike.

Runner's Fuel ready for my next run (although my daughter immediately ate one once I was finished taking these pictures ).

Runner’s Fuel ready for my next run (although my daughter immediately ate one once I was finished taking these pictures ).

Here are some other ideas for homemade energy gel that you can use in The Gear Well EnduraPouch:


Now 2 of my readers have a chance to win a 4 pack of the EnduraPouch to bring on your next training run, ride or hike. All you have to do is to enter using the my giveaway widget below! Good luck and happy running!

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Have you ever tried making your own energy fuel? What is your favorite runners fuel to carry when you run?

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16 responses

16 responses

  1. I’ve never made my own gels, but if I won these I would definitely start! I would have to come up with a recipe that includes caffeine somehow.

  2. I would start by trying your recipe since I never made my own.looks great

  3. I would carry my coffee coconut protein shake in these. Perfect for on the go! Ahhh morning rushes!

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