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Back to School Essentials for the Lunchbox!

Back to School Lunchbox Essentials

Lunchbox essentials! Back to School.

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My kids are already back to school and have jumped right in to new learning and making new friends. My son (the second child) entered Kindergarten ready to go and barely said goodbye on the first day. While a part of me is sad a huge part of me is happy to see that I have done a good job as a mom getting him ready for real school he would be excited and ready to learn. My daughter has transitioned in too and although nervous about some changes in classmates she was excited to meet her new teacher, to see her old friends and to finally have her own desk in the classroom. Overall the first week back was a success and I am loving all of the stories about new learning and friends that the kids have been sharing with me.

Back to school

Back to school

One of the secrets to a successful school day is sending your kid to school with a lunchbox filled with nutritious foods to keep them feeling full and energized during the day. I am someone who likes having systems for everything to help me to stay organized. I have discovered some essential items for your child’s lunchbox that will help make the daily chore of making your child’s lunch a much easier task.

Here are some key items that I use when packing my kid’s lunchboxes:

1. LunchBots Bento Box Food Containers. These food containers are made from stainless steel and come in a variety of sizes each with different sized interior compartments waiting to be filled with healthy foods. I love using these containers because I always feel inspired to find new things to put in each compartment.

2. THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar. Our children’s school does not have a hot lunch program so this stainless steel food container is perfect for sending in hot soups, noodles and more or cold foods such as yogurt and pudding.

3. Camelbak Kids .4 Liter Water Bottle. My kids love these water bottles which have fun patterns such as robots or ladybugs on the outside. These are great to be filled with water or juice.

4. Garnet Hill Lunch Packs . We have loved these lunchboxes since our kids first started attending preschool. This lunchbox has an outer zip pocket, an interior mesh pocket for holding an ice pack and plenty of room for a water bottle and all of your other lunch goodies. The lunch box is insulated and very easy to wipe down on the inside. The other feature that we love is that the handle has a sturdy buckle that enables you to clip the lunchbox onto your back pack. You can even have your lunchpack monogrammed for your child.

Garnet Hill Lunch Pack

Garnet Hill Lunch Pack

What do you use to keep your child’s lunchbox organized or to make packing a lunch fun?

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