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A back injury update.

Injury begone!

Bring on the snow and let this injury disappear!

Bring on the snow and let this injury disappear!

I still have not run since the Turkey Trot that I did while I was visiting my family in Pennsylvania. The race was great but two days later I was at urgent care with my back completely locked up. So now here I am a week an a half later still taking it easy trying to get my body ready to run again. I have to admit that while my body was probably ready for a break I am in desperate need of a run and a good sweat. I do not like having an injury!

Last week my focus was simply on being able to move comfortably again. I spent a lot of time icing and heating my back and have been taking anti-inflammatories to relief the pain an soreness in my SI joint.  On Wednesday I was happy to run into my orthopedic Doctor who I had seen previously when I had Peroneal Tendonitis.  He is a runner to so I always trust his guidance in the office as well as outside.  Upon his recommendation I have made an appointment with PT. I am hoping to get some good advice on how to rehab my back as well as exercises and a plan to get me back to running as soon as possible.

Last week I also enjoyed a 90 minute massage. The massage therapist focused mainly on my lower back and hip areas as well as my quads an hamstrings.  The massage was very helpful in relieving some of the tightness in my back after suffering terrible back spasms while I was in Pennsylvania. The massage was fantastic and I also loved the heated massage table (perhaps one of the best inventions). I may have to schedule another massage soon!

It’s time for a swim. Low impact injury recovery strategy.

Until I am ready to run again I am hoping to reacquaint myself with the pool. I am hoping that my back will not be bothered by the kicking motion.  If it is my coach suggested using a pull buoy.  I guess for now I will be taking it one day at a time.

On the upside I have been having some wonderful family time jam packed full of all that the holiday season brings. Now we are waiting to see if we will get an enormous snowfall when “Winter Storm Damon,” the latest Nor’Easter sweeps through Northern New Hamsphire. Bring on the snow for sledding, snowmen, snow angels, and hopefully for me some cross country skiing!

What is the worst injury you’ve ever have. What was your strategy for recovery?

Be well friends! Wishing you an injury free holiday season.

Be well friends! Wishing you an injury free holiday season.

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14 responses

14 responses

  1. My worst injury would have been Feb. of this year. I had 2 stress fractures in my left foot/heel (calcaneous). I was in a boot for 3 months 🙁 Messed up my spring race schedule but I was back training for a fall marathon and had a pb 🙂 It killed me as well not to be running. I tried to focus on other aspects of training like cross-training and fuelling better.

  2. I’ve never tried swimming when recovering from a running injury, but I hear over and over that it’s recommended. Hopefully it helps and you can get back out there running soon!

  3. Ugh, I hate that you are dealing with this still! My worst injury: I managed to earn a 2nd degree tear in my tallofibular ligament (ankle) that put me out of walking for a week, running for 8. It was so mentally frustrating! I couldn’t even swim, kicking hurt too much! But I was able to ride my bike, indoors only, after about 4 weeks.
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  4. Oh hugs – feel better soon! My worst injury was plantar fasciitis, though I have also had Peroneal Tendonitis. I found PF to be more painful and debillitating. My background is in Athletic Therapy so I usually do a self analysis of my training leading up to the injury to help identify how I got injured (drastic training changes, muscle imbalances etc). I then go see one of old class-mates from AT and work through a rehab plan with them.
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