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Almost April Fools Day April Goals Check-In

GOAL SETTING. Training and Life Goals | Organic Runner Mom

It’s time for another Goals Check-In!

GOAL SETTING. Training and Life Goals | Organic Runner Mom

Setting Goals. Training and Life Goals | Organic Runner Mom

I think the April Fools Day Joke this year is that winter is here to stay. We keep getting hints at warmer temperatures and then snowflakes and cold winds arrive. I am trying to will it to be spring by doing a little bit of spring cleaning and I even ordered a mini-indoor greenhouse so we can get going with starting seeds for our garden. Even if spring never arrives I still need to make some new goals!

We did discover a major sign of spring today on a snowshoe hike in the mountains behind our house. The bears have awakened. We found fresh, large bear tracks in the snow. You could even make out the claws. This is a reminder of why I like to trail run with a friend by my side. I am not sure what I would do if I encountered a bear in the woods when I was alone. It was “scary” enough seeing a porcupine in very close proximity as I ran up the mountain trail last year. I let out a loud shriek and nearly jumped out of my skin. It was pretty cool to find the bear tracks though and our kids loved following the trail of the bear in hopes of spotting it.

The Animals are coming out of hibernation. Check out this bear track next to my 10 year old nieces foot!

The Animals are coming out of hibernation. Check out this bear track next to my 10 year old nieces foot!

Being on the trails made me eager to get out in the woods for some trail running. Thankfully the physical therapy that I have been doing for my back has been paying off. I have had some minor setbacks but finally feel like the strengthening work that I have done with my lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor is giving me more stability so my SI joint is cooperating. I have slowly been adding in my weight training to include squats with lighter weights and lunges as well as upper body and core strengthening. I

have also slowly been adding in running miles. My running miles are not fast and I have been running “naked” (with no watch) because at this point who cares about split times. When I run I am focusing on my form. Before my back went totally crazy I had become a lazy runner using my hips to propel me forward and basically my gluteus maximus just came along for the ride. Now I am extra focus on my posture when i run and on engaging my glutes to propel me forward. Changing my running form while exhausting will pay off in the long term and maybe even make me a faster runner. We’ll see! That’s why setting goals is so important! They keep me motivated and moving forward.

I'm all smiles. The sun is shining and I've started running again!

I’m all smiles. The sun is shining and I’ve started running again!

Ok, enough with the adult chit chat as my four year old says and on to my goals for April.

April Training and Life Goals

  • Get to bed earlier! I must make this happen! I need to be disciplined!
  • Get up at least one morning a week for an early morning workout. This used to be easy for me when I was a rower but somehow the snooze button has become my friend. Perhaps I need to move my alarm clock across the room.
  • Select and prepare at least two new recipes every week. It’s all about the clean eating!
  • Set my race calendar for triathlon this summer. I am already signed up for my first Ironman 70.3, The Timberman Triathlon.
  • Choose some goal running races.
  • Go for as many group runs with friends as my body allows. Even though I have not been desperate to run outside in the arctic blast this year I have been missing group training runs with my friends and all of the laughs that come with them.
  • Laugh more!

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What are your goals for April? Do you have any big races coming up? What is your favorite source for recipes?

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22 responses

22 responses

  1. Mother Nature has been cruel this year…too cold in the East and too warm in the West. We are going to have a severe drought in California this year.
    One of my goals is to get to bed at an earlier time. With it being light out longer, it’s been hard to go at my usual time.
    Maureen recently posted…Whole30 Days 1-3 {I’m the king of the world}My Profile

  2. I said this last month but I really need to up my consistency. Write down when I am working out and what I am doing. That needs to happen!~

  3. I’ve only seen one bear while running. I saw his big head peek out from the tall grass along the road. Thankfully, I scared him just as much as he scared me. Needless to say, I turned around and ran in the opposite direction. My April goals? To enjoy the taper, run strong on Marathon Monday and then chill!
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…Eastern States 20 Miler RecapMy Profile

  4. I must admit, I would not be so chill about seeing bear tracks! That is one “friend” I wouldn’t want to meet on the trails! My April goals are: complete the last two heavy weeks of marathon training and then enjoy the start of my taper, stay healthy and injury free and survive the first month of spring sports season…only 2 months of school left, time to finish strong!

  5. So glad that you’re back is finally feeling better. It must feel so good to start running again!

    You may have the winter that never ends, but here we may just have the year-long summer. That may sound good until you think that it is almost 100 degrees in late March and that may continue all the way through October. Off course June-September will be 110+. Just too much.
    Debbie recently posted…Recap: The Week in Training and LifeMy Profile

  6. I like your goals (especially the last one! ;P )! The snooze button is [unfortunately] one of my best friends, so I really need to work on that! The recipe one should be a lot of fun!
    Farrah recently posted…CompassionMy Profile

  7. Seriously will it get warmer anytime soon? I acutally am not a fan of summer temps but I have been craving a hot, sweaty run recently! (will regret saying that in summer lol)

    I need to go to bed earlier too. Every night I’m like, I’ll go to bed at 1030 max! and end up going to bed at 1130.
    Patty @ Reach Your Peak recently posted…Week 13/52 of Training – 2015My Profile

  8. Love your April goals. That stinks you still have to deal with the snow.

    My main goal for April is to continue my pre-marathon tone up plan so that I can be in the best shape before miles ramp up in June.

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