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Anterior Pelvic Tilt. Training Talk.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt. Why does it happen?

Training Talk: Posture and Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Training Talk: Posture and Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior Pelvic Tilt has been a problem for me and my running since I threw my back out last year. It was probably a problem even before this happened. This issue was probably present during pregnancy due to the way that your body must carry the weight of a baby. Anterior Pelvic Tilt has been the source of trouble for my back causing piroformis muscle, SOAS muscle, TFL, and glute med. flare-ups. There is often a push pull going on in my pelvis as I walk and run. This causes tightness in my right hip and lower back and all of the supporting muscles. In simple terms I am not keeping my pelvis neutral and this is causing bad posture that is making my running less efficient.

Anterior pelvic tilt can cause a curvature of the spine, bad posture, lower back and hip pain, and can also cause other pain such as neck pain and headaches

This is “no bueno!”

According to,

“When you have a pronounced APT  you’re also lacking the ability to achieve full hip extension – and that’s huge. Opening your hips quickly and powerfully is the basis of almost all explosive movements in athletics and weightlifting. Tight hip flexors and a pronounced APT will make you run slower.”

Anterior Pelvic Tilt (pictured right

Anterior Pelvic Tilt (pictured right) Source

What causes anterior pelvic tilt:

  • muscle imbalance causing a push pull in the pelvis.
  • sitting a lot in poor posture (causes hip flexors to “shorten”)
  • poor abdominal strength
  • poor glute strength
  • weak hamstrings
  • tension in the lower back
  • sedentary lifestyle

How will I remedy this problem?

Today my fitcamp trainer Aaron at Atlas Training Systems encouraged me that he might be able to help me work to correct this problem. This should have positive effects on my running. I said, sign me up! I would love to find increased running speed and strength! Having postural issues can be tough to correct. This problem requires rebuilding strength to provide a better foundation. It will take a lot of work to regain proper posture. It is very easy to slip into an anterior pelvic tilt position when I am not thinking about it. This is even tougher to do when I am running because of muscle memory and bad habits that have developed over time.

I am excited to get to work at correcting this anterior pelvic tilt issue. This will help keep my back pain free. Hopefully some corrections in posture and strengthening will help me to become a stronger faster runner. This will be a critical piece of my spring marathon training!

Stay tuned to find out what stretching and strengthening exercises my trainer adds in to help my with my anterior pelvic tilt!

Do you have anterior pelvic tilt? What strengthening do you do to support your spine and to keep your abdominals strong? Are you currently dealing with another running injury or ailment?
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16 responses

16 responses

  1. I do! Mine is bad and got worse with my second pregnancy! I am now a year after and working on my upper back posture (& curvature) and also working on ab strength. I’ve also been trying to do some pelvic tilts and other lower ab exercises. Its hard.

  2. ATP is no fun to deal with! I experience it to varying degrees…depends how lazy I get with my exercises 😉 I do a lot of work for the deep lower abdominals and have to work really hard to be mindful of it when I’m standing and walking around!
    Ariana recently posted…Deadlift Your Way To Better GlutesMy Profile

  3. Great food for thought! I struggle with tight high hamstrings and would not be one bit surprised if this was the reason why.

  4. Strength and alignment in general are huge for runners especially in the hips and core. I’m curious to know what kind of exercises your trainer will have you doing.

  5. Great post! We’ve just gotten a desk that converts to both sitting and standing to combat all the work on my computer that I do.

  6. I try to put a conscious effort into thinking about/maintaining proper posture while running, but it doesn’t always happen. Thanks for this great post as a reminder!
    Laura recently posted…Link LoveMy Profile

  7. Hi Sandra,
    I’m new to your blog, so I apologize for being late to the party. Great blog by the way.
    As a personal trainer myself, I am always curious to see how people are training for different sports they may be participating in. I haven’t worked much with runners, so this topic also intrigues me.
    In the above post you had mentioned that your trainer had just begun working with you to help correct this issue? So, assuming you guys have been spending time on this, how is the correction coming along? I’d love any feedback you could pass on , and look forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing.

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