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A day to reflect.

As I drive past the Connecticut River this morning I am enticed by its glassy calm. The conditions are perfect for an early morning row where all you can hear is the sound of the seat in the slide, the boat slicing through the water, blades digging in strong, the sound of the oars clicking in the oarlocks and the sound of your own breathing.

I feel gratitude for what I have and for the possibilities. Even if I learn this morning that I will need to take some time away from running to let my foot heal I feel lucky that I can still get out and enjoy the serene beauty in the Connecticut River Valley. I am thankful for my health, and my strength and everything that I have. I am THANKFUL.

In the weeks following Boston my emotions have been a roller coaster. I am thankful for what I have while at the same time can become overwhelmed with grief for those still suffering after the Boston Marathon tragedy.  I feel anger for things that have happened that hurt innocent people for no reason at all. I feel fear . . . but we cannot let these emotions control what we do.

No matter what it’s important to get out an enjoy doing the things that you love and be with the people who make you the happiest. It’s time to get out and work your hardest. It’s time to choose a goal and make it a reality . . .

Life can be fleeting . . . Make every moment count.





2 responses

2 responses

  1. Hi there! I just found your blog–oh my goodness, I am so happy to meet someone else who was at the Marathon! I didn’t run in it, but I was volunteering at the finish line when the bombs went off, just a couple hundred feet away (I wonder if I handed you a space blanket at some point? That would have been quite a coincidence!)
    Anyways, I completely understand what you are going through. I’ve definitely been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions myself, although it’s improved since I got home for the summer. I think the whole experience really made running more…meaningful (?) in my life. I’ve always been a runner, but since the bombings, I feel like my runs have become therapeutic on a much deeper level, and I’ve felt a much stronger connection to other runners. I ran my third half-marathon last weekend, and during the entire race, I had a very different attitude than in previous races. I can’t describe it exactly, but it was a much more powerful experience than I was expecting. Have you noticed any difference in your attitude towards running since the bombings?

    1. I think of you often Kris and wonder if I will see you in Boston. This year has definitely been an incredible journey rebuilding myself and finding healing. I hope to see you in Boston!

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