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Organic Runner Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Organic Runner Mom's Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12th. It’s time to start thinking about some fun running goodies that your runner mom might like as a special treat! I have selected some really great apparel and goodies for this years Mother’s Day Gift Guide. The weather is getting warmer and running season is getting into … Read More »

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Today is your opportunity to celebrate National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day! | Organic Runner Mom

National Running Day 2015 Woohoo! Today is National Running Day! This may be one of my favorite non-traditional holidays of the year! Share your love for the run today! Run by yourself in the woods, grab a friend or run with the group. Proclaim your love for running with your friends and share the joy … Read More »

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Organic Runner Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Part II

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Welcome to the second installment of this years holiday gift guide.  Here are some more selections of my favorite things that would make the runner, triathlete, fitness nut or adventurer happy this holiday season. Don’t forget to check out part one of my Holiday Gift Guide. Holiday Gift Guide Picks for … Read More »

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Motivation Monday: Run for the love of the run.

Run for the love of the run. Over the weekend I raced the Umbrella Mother’s Day 10K at Burke Mountain in Burke, VT.  This was my first race post Boston Marathon.  I have been much smarter about recovery from the Boston Marathon than I was last year where I nicely landed myself in a walking … Read More »

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Organic Runner Mom’s Fresh Friday Five

Fresh Friday Five: Top picks for awesome gear, recipes, kid activities and more! Brooks Adrenaline ASR 10 The snow has finally melted from most of the trails. This makes me so happy especially because (knock on wood) I am not injured this year and can run on the trails without feeling flashes of shooting pain … Read More »

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Women’s Health–My first Pregnancy Story

National Women’s Health Week–My Pregnancy Story It’s National Women’s Health week, a time to think about women’s health issues like pregnancy and access to better health care for women. My first pregnancy story is one of gratitude for my access to good healthcare but a reminder that we need to keep fighting for good healthcare … Read More »

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Dirty 5K trail run race recap.

At Any Given Moment You have the power to say that this is not how this is going to end – Christine Mason Miller | Organic Runner Mom

I’m done with overthinking. Let’s just trail run! Five months of sitting on the sidelines with no running has brought me a refreshed attitude. Taking a break from running was actually a huge positive for me because it has allowed me to refocus and to revisit my goals. Why do I run? Why do I … Read More »

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