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5 Tips for Making Your Running Goal a Reality this New Year!

5 Tips to Make Your Running Goal a Reality this New Year!

5 Tips for Acheving your Running Goals in the New Year

5 Tips for Acheving your Running Goals in the New Year

Write it Down!

Writing your running goal down whether it be in a personal journal, on a blog, share it with your coach, on a sticky note over your treadmill, or on social media can make the goal seem real. There is always more accountability towards taking the steps to meet my goal when I have written them down.

Sign up for races

If your goal is a distance and time goal then it is important to pick your goal race so that you can get to know the race course. You may also want to pick smaller prep races along the way. If you have a  general  fitness and running goal signing up for races can be a great way to make your running fun. There are many more serious races but their are also plenty of fun themed races such as Disney races and holiday races where runners wear costumes and you will receive awesome bling at the end.

Break Down your Goal

A goal can seem daunting when you look at the end point. Achieving a goal is less about the end point and more about the steps along the way towards reaching your goal. Once you have set your BIG goal break it down in to mini-goals with check-in points along the way. When you take the time to check-in you can readjust your expectations as you go and shift your goal if needed.

Bring in the Experts

When you are on the way to your running goal it can help to check-in with other runners who have had similar running experience. There are tons of resources through running blogs, running magazines, and online facebook groups. You may decide that working with a coach, a trainer or a sports nutrition expert might be helpful. You can also visit the “shoe experts” at a good running store to make sure that you are in the best fitting shoes for you.

Ask a friend to join you in going for your running goal!

Training on your own can be great but if you have a friend training with you too you will have a blast. Bringing a friend along will give you a partner to help you each work through the highs and lows of training. You will also be sure to share some hilarious stories along the way and at the end you will have a friend to celebrate with!

WIN a MEDAL display to show off your RUNNING GOALS

Medal Display from Spark Running Company to share off your running goals

Medal Display from Spark Running Company

In celebration of setting new running goals for the New Year I am giving away a beautiful handmade medal display from Spark Running Co. on Etsy. These designs are handmade by runner James Zhang and his team. Each medal display has a place to hang your race bibs and all of your hard earned medals.

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What are your running goals for 2017?

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