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5 Tips for Running a Great Marathon!

5 Tips for a GREAT MARATHON!

5 Tips for a GREAT MARATHON!

Keeping things positive on the blog today . . .

The spirit of the fall marathon is in the air and if you are a runner then you already know that this weekend is the NYC Marathon! I have  never run the New York City Marathon but its definitely on my bucket list. I haven’t run a road marathon since the Boston Marathon in 2014. Now that its been awhile and since I’ve been hanging out with a lot of runners in real life and in the blog world all of this marathon talk has brought on marathon fever. I am itching to run another one and the see if I can break my PR of 3:33 and perhaps even break the 3:30 barrier. Even if that doesn’t happen the good news is that I will be 40 next fall which means that my next Boston Qualifying time will fall into the next age group. This will give me a B.Q. time cushion! Woohoo! Maybe there are some good things about being 40 after all!

Ok enough with getting off course (and to those of you running the marathon make sure to run those tangents!). I told you we would be talking about tips for running a great marathon. This is obviously from my own personal experience. And believe me I’ve run the good, the bad, and the ugly (we’re talking from Boston qualifying runs to medical tent visits!). I’ve run 10 marathons including two Boston Marathons, two trail marathons and of course many different attempts to qualify for Boston and then of course my first marathon at the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco (And yes I loved my first “medal” a Tiffany’s necklace!).

Now listen closely because this is advice that you surely won’t want to miss . . .

How to run a great marathon. 5 tips!

1. You trained for it. TRUST your training!!!! The marathon is the prize at the end. Stay focused on how hard you worked leading up to the race and know that all of the mileage and sweat and maybe even tears along the way will get you to that finish line!

2. Run your own race. If you are planning to run with a friend and not concerned about time then no worries but if you have a goal running with someone else can be difficult mentally or can hold you back physically or push you faster than you had planned on running. Remember this is YOUR race!

3. Stick to your plan. If you are planning to run for a specific time even though the temptation is there, don’t get tricked into thinking that you can run a pace and hold on if it is something that you never trained for. This is the quickest way to crash and burn. Believe me I’ve been there and have run paces that I had no business running. The pay back? Horrendous leg cramps and a terrible second half.

4. Be conservative in the first half. In all of the marathons that I have felt successful I didn’t burn it all out in the first half and then was able to reach for negative splits during the second half.

5. Listen to your body. Use your breathing, the sound of your footsteps and your own energy to establish a rhythm. By tuning into yourself you will get into that zone!

Now that you have read my tips, here are some fun tips form Rock “N” Roll Marathon:

How to Run a Marathon: Raceday Rules

Here are some awesome bloggers who run marathons! Please check out their blogs for great inspiration:

Good luck to everyone who has a race coming up!. My spirit is with you on the course! What are your best marathon tips?

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13 responses

13 responses

  1. #3 totally resonates with me. BTDT. Ugh. I finished the first half on pace for 3:40 marathon but my plan was for a 4 hr. one. Boy did that back half ever hurt!

  2. These are awesome tips! I haven’t run a marathon yet, but I am strongly debating one next year….

    I think #2 is crucial for all distances though. I have held back for friends who are injured in races and then have had the same friends ditch me when something’s gone wrong on my own races, and it just leads to some not-so-awesome feelings. I’ve since put a rule in place where I don’t race with friends so if they want to race with me that’s their choice haha
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