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3 speed workouts for marathon runners!

Don’t forget about the speed workouts!

3 Speed Workouts For Marathon Training

3 Speed Workouts For Marathon Training

Not only am I in the thick of Half Ironman training for Timberman but I am also in the beginning weeks of getting ready for the New York City Marathon in November. Eek! All of this training has my head spinning and I have to admit that my focus has not been on running lately. The running has taken a backseat so that I can get a lot more swimming and biking miles under my belt. Don’t worry though, I am still running and thinking about how to get faster for NYC! I didn’t hit my time goal at the Boston Marathon this year but still have dreams of chasing down that sub 3:30 in New York. In order to do that I need to make sure that in addition to all of my long runs I will need to get in some quality speedwork to keep my pace on track (did I mention that this will be my first big race after I turn 40!!! Yikes).

Speedwork is a marathon runners best friend when you are trying to get faster. Running long is necessary for marathoning but speedwork is too and shouldn’t be neglected.

3 Speed Workouts for Marathon Training

Here are 3 workouts that you should add into your marathon training schedule:

  • YASSO 800’s-Take a peek at my experience with Yasso 800’s  to find out more about why you will want to add them in to your training. Yasso’s can be a helpful predictor of marathon time.
  • Pace Runs-A pace run is great because it gives you a chance to practice your goal marathon pace. This workout will include a warm-up and cool-down period and in the middle you will practice running at goal marathon pace. The distance you run at goal marathon pace should increase each week.
  • Fartleks-According to, “A mix of short, fast running and longer, steady stretches will tap into your anaerobic system and increase your aerobic capacity, thus improving your ability to maintain a faster pace. Fartleks can be structured for example you can run one minute easy, build your speed for 2 minutes, and then increase to max effort for one minute and return to one minute rest/recovery/walking and repeat a desired number of intervals.

*Disclaimer: I am not a certified running coach but have Coached Rowing at the Collegiate Level and am an experienced endurance sport athlete in running, trail running and triathlon (includes 3 Boston Marathons and 1 Half Ironman)

What is your favorite speed workout when you are training for a race? Speedwork, love it or hate it?


3 responses

3 responses

  1. I love all three of these speed workouts for different reasons. One interesting thing about Yasso’s – I have found that I like running 800’s a little better on the road than the track. Not sure if that will change, but the last time I did track work (in May), I found that that running so many times around the track made me a little nutty. 🙂 Great post!
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