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100th Post on Motivation Monday

Enjoy life

As I sat down to write my post today I discovered that this will be my 100th post! Amazing! I had always wanted to write my own blog and for a while had a fun one all about my kids but for me this blog has been different. Organic Runner Mom has been a soul searching journey for me, it has been a life line, it has been a creative outlet, and a stress release. Before I began to write my blog I was in the middle of extreme post-partum depression, even with everything positive in my life around me I was broken. I don’t know why I finally got over my fear of writing and putting myself out there for the world to see but late last fall it seemed as though the dark veil of fog that seemed to be clouding my life and impeding forward motion began to lift. I decided to write and before I could change my mind I signed up for WordPress, picked my blog name and began to write and so began a turning point.

I write my blog because it is cathartic, I can release me emotions, share my passions, and my blog has given me new goals.  Through my writing I feel like I have found my voice again, the ability to laugh, and the desire to reach for my dreams. I am putting my writing (a piece of me) out there for all to see and it feels freeing.

In life we have the ability to write the script and to create magnificent illustrations as we head into the future. I am choosing to use my writing to help me on the creative imaginative journey through life~through the bends, and twists, and marvelous turns.

What have you discovered on your journey?




6 responses

6 responses

    1. Thanks! It’s hard to believe it considering how hard it was to get up the courage to start! Thanks for checking out my post!

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