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Labor Day Virtual 5 Mile Race for

This weekend I participated in the Virtual 5 Mile race put on by Laura from What a great challenge to inspire everyone to stay active during the holiday weekend and also create a healthy dialogue between runners. For the “Race” you could either run 5 or 10 miles. I chose to do 5 as part of a fun trail run with my awesome training partner. My mileage has been pretty low since running 36 miles at the VT 100 on 100 plus I will be running 23  miles next week with my Reach the Beach NH team the Pete and Gerry’s Organic Chicks. Also, it was my first trail run wearing my Merrellbarefoot running shoes (Pace Glove) so I did not want to over do it.

5 Mile Trail “Race” on the Moore Dam Trail

We ran the trailwhich is actually 6 miles so I counted five towards my “RACE” finishing the 5 miler in 49:42 with the extra mile for warm-up and cool down.  Participating in this “race” on the trail was perfect because it is my favorite place to run. Running on the trails it is easy to lose yourself in the green woodsy wonderland, soft mossy footing, a fairy wonderland. The run was an out and back. Bridget and I traded leading and following establishing a rhythmic cadence.  Our cadence was broken occasionally along the run for brief “hydration” stops for our two furry trail running companions Nanook and Lucy. The trail is rolling with a fair amount of rocks and roots to navigate over plus some really cool footbridges  used by runners, hikers, and mountain bikers. All in all it was an amazing day for a race/run! Thank you for the challenge Laura!

Happy “racer”

Long Tongue Lucy

View on the way home!

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21 responses

21 responses

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to run, Sandra!
    I have a boardwalk trail through the forest where I run too; just need to up my distance and start including it!

  2. I run on trails a lot too, but yours are so much different than mine. I love woody, green trails compared to my own desert runs. Nice job on your virtual race. I did it to and had a great time.

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