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Running Safety in the Dark and {RunLites Mitten Review}

 Running Safety in the Dark

Running Safety in the Dark

Running Safety in the Dark

Tensions were high in our local area due to an unusual crime that had happened which involved the abduction and killing of a young woman around our age. There was no way that I would be hitting the roads to run by myself. We all felt extra nervous and unsafe. To help with safety on the run most of my runs even daytime runs that I did outside were run with a friend or a group of runners. None of us felt safe being alone. Especially not running.

I was never more thankful to have my friend Bridget running by my side. We had gone out for an evening run on some snowy and dark roads after work. We were finishing up our run and heading back to Bridget’s house. When we got within half a mile of the house we noticed a slow truck following closely behind. My adrenaline kicked in and I know Bridget’s did as well. We both grab each others arm and instinctively picked up the pace to a sprint. When we finally reached her house, our chests heaving from the fear induced sprint, we quickly ducked inside. We peeked out the window and made sure to take note of what the truck looked like. Thankfully we were both ok, just scared but happy we had run together. Running with a friend is one of the many ways to be safer when running in the dark in the early morning or at night.

We are all busy and with ever demanding schedules running doesn’t always take place when its light outside. Many of us need to make time for running when it is dark outside. Running safety in the dark must be taken seriously. You need to be safe and visible when and also to be able to see where you are going! There can be many hazards for runners running in the dark so it is important to consider what gear you should be using as well as other ways to stay safe.

Better Running safety in the dark

Here is a general list to get you started with running safety in the dark:

  • Run with a friend. Safety in numbers is so important and you will feel less spooked out by the crazy shadows that you might sometimes see at night when you have a friend to keep you company!
  • Tell someone where you or going and in this day and age there are many apps where someone you love can even track you while you are out running.
  • Know your route. When you must go out in the dark to run this is probably not the best time to explore a new route by yourself.
  • Light up!  Wear a head lamp, light up running vest, or gloves with lights (more on that later in this post when I tell you more about Run Lites!)
  • Carry pepper spray or a run alarm. Better to be safe then sorry.
  • Bright colors are a must! Don’t be that dark shadow running down the roadway.
  • Run on roads with ample shoulder.
  • Wear reflective gear! There are tons of options for this now including fully reflective jackets.
  • Carry a phone so that 911 is always at the tip of your fingers (or mittens).
  • Don’t run with earbuds in. When you are running on the roads even during daylight hours it is so imperative that you are able to hear vehicles approaching.
  • Run opposite to traffic so that vehicles can see you.
  • If you can find a safe trail to run on so that cars and trucks aren’t even a worry.

RunLites Mitten Review

RunLites Mittens Review

RunLites Mittens Review

*Disclaimer: I received a pair of RunLites mittens, rechargeable lights and liners in exchange for my review. All opinions express here are my own.

Recently I was given an opportunity to check out RunLites Mittens. These Mittens are a great accessory to have on hand for better running safety in the dark and they are so warm and cozy too. These mittens come in his and hers sizes and colors and would make an excellent gift for your running buddy. Mittens can be best for winter running or running on colder nights.The Run Mittens are made of super soft polar fleece and heave reflective strips on the palm and around the light pocket. Each mitten has a small pocket on the back of the glove made to hold the special RunLites rechargeable  LED running lights. The lights themselves are very light weight and easily slip into the pockets on the back of the mittens. Each light has velcro strips on both sides which easily attaches to the velcro in the light pockets. RunLites Mittens retail for $29.95

RunLites Mittens for Running Safety in the dark

RunLites Mittens for Running Safety in the dark

The Run Lites light units can be recharged using a USB cord either while they are in the mittens or you can remove the lights. The rechargeable Lites and charging cord are sold separately which is nice because you can purchase replacements as needed or if you lose one.  You can purchase RunLites lights in either 40 or 80 Lumens. I was very impressed by how bright the Run Lites are especially when reflecting off the winter white snow. The Ru Lites light units come as a package of two with the dual port recharging cable. The retail price is $19.95

RunLites Rechargeable LED lights

RunLites Rechargeable LED lights

In addition to the Lights and the mittens you can also purchase a Mitten Liner for those extra cold runs in the dark. The liners are super lightweight and made out of a thin breathable fabric. The only thing that I am not sure about is that the liners don’t have a thumb and my thumbs often get cold when I run. Other than that the liners are a great option especially since the temperature in the winter often hovers in the low teens to single digits at night. The retail price for the RunLites Liners is $12.95.

RunLites Glove Liners

RunLites Glove Liners

These mittens would make a great addition to your winter running accessories especially if you are someone who runs before sunup and after sundown. They would even make great mittens for fun snow play after dark!

Light your way when you are running!

Light your way when you are running!

RunLites Discount Code

Definitely check out RunLites and all of their great products including these great mittens. Here is an awesome discount code for you to use when checking out for 25% off RunLites products, excluding the LEDs. Enter the code: RUNMOM at checkout to receive 25% your order!

RunLites Mittens Giveaway

Now you have a chance to win a pair of RunLites Mittens. The winner will be able to select their size and color. To enter please choose from the Rafflecopter options and share this awesome giveaway with a friend!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please share your best safety tips for running safety in the dark. What color Run Lites mittens would you choose? Pink, black or Navy Blue?

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