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Five Ways to Get Motivated to Run this Summer!

5 Ways to Get Excited for Your Next Summer Run!

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Run This Summer!

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Run This Summer!

Since Boston I have been way off my running game and I know I will be feeling it next weekend at the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series Half Marathon in Annapolis. Oh well, I am not going to focus too much on my time for the Half because I want to soak up the race atmosphere and am excited that I get to see and finally meet so many other awesome running bloggers and ZOOMA ambassadors . . .but more info on that next week.

I took some down time from running after Boston to give my body a break but then the break became extended when a nasty sinus infection took over. With my sinuses out of control coupled with the insane pollen that has been floating in the atmosphere just trying to breathe has been a challenge. I am someone who hates taking any sort of medication but with my allergies in full swing and a trip to the doctor I’ve had to load up just to keep my airways clear and to avoid coughing all day and night. Finally today I feel as though I might have everything back under control enough to get back to my usually running self! I am trying not to get too stressed over the loss of training time because that’s just life right and my body was signaling loudly that I needed to rest!

Ok, enough rambling, let’s get on with today’s FIVE!

FIVE Ways to Get Motivated to Run this Summer! (because we could all use a little motivation to run right?)

  • Grab a friend and go for a run. Sometimes having a heavy chat session on a run is just what the doctor ordered!
  • Run and reward yourself! It’s summer which means ice cream stands everywhere are opening up with new tempting flavors such as Almond Joy and Starry Night. For your run Pick an ice cream shop and plan an out and back run to end back at the shop. When you get back reward yourself with a few scoops!
  • Change it up! If you always run on the road ditch the roads and check out a new trail. You will love the cooler temps in the woods and the scenery and sounds on the run.
  • Run and splash! Now that it’s hot outside finish your run at your favorite local watering hole. Other people may think you are crazy but there is no better way to cool down than to head into the water right in your running clothes when your run is done!
  • Make it social. Go for a run with your running group and head out for a glass of wine or beer afterwards.

What are your favorite ways to get motivated to run?

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