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5 Friday Fall Finds for You!

5 Fall Finds

5 Fall Finds

5 Fall Finds

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate Links from Amazon Associates and Stitch Fix. 

Happy Friday friends! Fall colors are appearing across the New Hampshire landscape, mums are in bloom and pumpkin spiced everything is appearing on the store shelves. Thankfully however we had hot weather here this week which meant tons of trail running for me and after school dips in the pond for the kids! We are not ready to give up on summer yet. The official start of fall doesn’t happen until the 21st so I will keep wearing my sandals and tank tops. This week I have some great fall finds for you to check out! Please enjoy and pass it along to a friend!

Great Reads: SPARK-The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and The Brain by John J. Ratey, MD



On the way to yoga the other day, ready to stretch and reap the benefits of the quiet on the mind, I stopped into the local bookstore and picked up a copy of this book: SPARK-The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and The Brain by John J. Ratey, MD This book is a fascinating look at the mind body connection and how exercise especially aerobic exercise has positive benefits for the brain. In the introduction Ratey says through this book and his research, “I want to cement the idea that exercise has a profound impact on cognitive abilities and mental health (p.7).” I am excited to read this to learn more about the science behind this theory. For me running and exercise has played a crucial role for me with my mental health in my life journey including helping me to recover from Post Partum depression and also in managing PTSD.

Clothing Find: Soul Flower Eco-Friendly Clothing, perfect for yoga!

Soul Flower Eco-Friendly Clothing

Soul Flower Eco-Friendly Clothing

In case you missed it, earlier this week I shared my review of Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand Soul Flower. This company has beautiful designs perfect for yoga, as well as beautiful jewelry and up-cycled accesories. You won’t want to miss my review: Soul Flower Yoga Clothing Review

More to Read: Running and Anxiety-When Exercise is Not Enough by Allie Burdick

My good friend Allie recently wrote this article for Runners Connect where she interviews Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Harvard Psychologist and Boston Marathon Staff Psychologist on the topic of depression, PTSD, and anxiety and how to address those issues. Allie was kind enough also to include my thoughts on my own experiences with PTSD in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. Living in today’s world where it seems as though terrorist events are becoming a regular part of our news cycle this is an especially important read. I continue to struggle with this at times in my own life as different events seem to act as triggers. For me exercise has been a critical element in my recovery process but I have also needed other interventions as well. Allie also discusses a therapy that has been helpful for her called EMDR or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

Workout Find: HIIT & FLOW

Jamie King Fit. HIIT & Flow

Jamie King Fit. HIIT & Flow

I have been a Sweat Pink Ambassador for several years now with Fit Approach. Co-Founder Jamie King is a yogi extraordinaire and ultra runner. She resides in Oregon (the state where my husband I have proclaimed that if we could move anywhere in the US Bend, Orgeon would be the place for us) where she has a Yoga Studio Flex and Flow. I admire Jamie for going after her dreams and being an out of the box thinker, a true entrepreneur. Jamie is currently working on developing a new Fitness program HIIT & Flow, fast a intense workouts that can be easily incorporated into your day when you are short on time. Find her latest work HIIT & Flow workout on her blog Jamie King Fit!

Fall Fashion: Stitch Fix September 2017

Stitch Fix September 2017

My latest fix and I am in love! Stitch Fix September 2017

If you didn’t already know it, I am a Stitch Fix Influencer and I am completely obsessed with it. Stitch Fix is a subscription fashion service that brings new trends right to your door. When you get started you fill out your style profile, choose price range, and select frequency of delivery. Once you have done this you will be matched with a stylist who will select five pieces each month to reflect your style and personality as well as to keep up with the current seasonal trends. What I have loved about Stitch Fix is that my stylist chooses things for me that I might not have tried myself in the store but that match my style. I have received a range of pieces from dressy tops, to jeans, a cute handbag, shoes, and jewelry. After you receive your selections you choose which pieces to keep, return or exchange and you provide feedback such as loved it, hated it, quality wasn’t good, sizing was off etc. It is easy to return what you don’t want to keep as their is a prepaid envelope included in your package. You will also receive a style card with outfit suggestions and tips form your stylist. I have found that through Stich Fix I have expanded my wardrobe while decreasing the amount of shopping that I am doing in stores. It is fun getting your Stitch Fix box to see what the stylist has selected. In order to improve what you receive you need to be sure to provide plenty of feedback and also to set up a style board on Pinterest. If you are in need of a pick me up in your fall wardrobe I would definitely suggest giving Stitch Fix a try!

What book are you currently reading? Have you discovered any new workouts or new gear? Please tell me about it!

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