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Fueling for endurance sports with healthy foods.

The need to fuel for endurance sports with healthy foods.

Read more to get some great ideas for how to fuel for endurance sports with healthy foods

Fueling For Endurance Sports with Healthy Foods |Organic Runner Mom

I absolutely love going out for a long run. It can be alone or with a group of friends, on the trails, on the road or in the mountains. If you are like me as the miles add up your energy level plummets if you are not properly nourished before you lace up your running shoes. I am typically good for about 45-50 minutes and then if I don’t start thinking about refueling I am headed for the dreaded bonk. I can specifically remember a long trail run in the rain with my friends where I bonked and it was miserable. I knew I was doomed to crash even before the run started because I hadn’t eaten enough prior to my run, the run lasted longer than we had plan and I did not bring any nourishment with me on the trail. It was a recipe for disaster.

What I have learned as I have became a more seasoned (and yes, that’s a better way of saying older.) athlete is that not only does fueling matter during a workout but fueling your body with healthy foods to give you energy during endurance sports is necessary too. Healthy balanced nutrition for athletes from REAL food is becoming more of the norm in endurance sports racing. Athletes are demanding healthier options for fueling and more information is becoming readily available about the healthy foods that are best for keeping your body running like a well-oiled machine during endurance sports.

Healthy Foods For Fueling Endurance Sports 

Is there a way to keep your energy up by doing a better job of pre-fueling before a workout? What foods are ideal giving you great sustained energy for your long run?

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Brown Rice–Brown rice is high in manganese. Manganese helps your body produce energy from carbohydrates and protein.
  •  Almonds–Almonds are full of magnesium which also converts carbohydrates to energy.
  • Honey–Add this to oatmeal or on your bagel. Honey is low on the glycemic index which means it will not cause a sugar “crash.” Many endurance athletes use honey as a natural energy “gel” as well during hard exercise and long runs.
  • Sweet Potatoes–Sweet Potatoes are a high carbohydrate option that also contain beneficial Vitamins A and C.
  • Chia Seeds–Chia Seeds are high in protein, fiber, carbohydrates as well as anti-oxidants. This is often considered to be a Superfood.
  • Bananas–Present at every race, you may never want to eat another banana again but bananas are a great option because they are,” Loaded with potassium and vitamin B6, bananas help maintain low blood sugar, regulate digestion and re-stock your body with lost electrolytes after any sort of physical exertion. (SOURCE)”
  • Organic Eggs–(You knew I would suggest eggs, right?) The best protein around! Eggs are a great source of essential amino acids and Omega-3’s. Eggs are easy to digest and provide sustained energy.

What REAL, healthy foods do you fuel with before you head out for training? Do you have any favorite recipes that you’d like to share?

*Disclaimer: I am not a Registered Dietician or Sports Nutritionist. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. Please consult a physician for specific dietary recommendations due to health concerns.

Organic Runner Mom

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Boston Marathon Emotional Healing

4 weeks to go until the Boston Marathon.

Click here to read more about my lasting memories from the Boston Marathon. And please pass this along as a way to remember and be #bostonstrong togther. #chooselove

Boston Marathon #ChooseLOVE #BOSTONSTRONG

I am not running this year and although I am sad to have not qualified again at the race last year I am grateful for the two experiences that I had running it in 2013 and 2014. These past two years since April 15th, 2013 have been filled with turmoil and tremendous personal growth. I been forced to contemplate my true-self and my priorities on a much deeper level than before.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy that happened on that bright blue sky Monday I was confronted with shattered illusions of safety and peace. We walk in a world where we are surrounded by constant dangers that we are somehow able to cope with and work around. When the bomb blasts shook Boylston Street I along with so many others was left feeling terrified and weak. I felt as though my personal sense of safety had been stolen from me and I was left with a huge sense of grief, fear and worry.

2 years ago I was in my final weeks of Boston Marathon training ready to taper and focus my energy on running a strong race.

Organic Runner Mom at the Start of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Organic Runner Mom at the Start of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

2 years ago I was physically strong but had not been awakened to some of the realities of life. And then race day came.  I have been rebuilding my spirit since the bombs went off that day. I had to confront my emotions head on and to make peace with the unexpected and things that are out of my control. After the marathon I grappled with deep insecurity and struggled with the need to control everything. I lived in a constant state of worry that something bad was about to happen at all times. I wanted to protect my family. I wanted to shelter myself. I felt the need to close off some of my emotions to protect myself and others from hurt and tragedy

1 year ago I stepped on the starting line of the Boston Marathon.

Last year after a year of therapy battling PTSD. I confronted my fear and stepped on the starting line of the Boston Marathon. I ran the race with great trepidation. I was ready to run but couldn’t allow myself to race. I cried during the race. I ran fast because I just wanted to be done. I stopped and wanted to quit because I was afraid and the feelings of grief for Martin Richard and everyone else who was hurt. It was almost too much too handle. I ran and felt heavy. Sick with emotions. I ran and I finished, Reaching the finish line only to collapse from dehydration but more perhaps from pure emotion.

I am not running the Boston Marathon this year.

I did not re-qualify to run again. With a time of 3:45 I missed the qualifying time for my age group. And I was ok. For me, it was most important to run again. I needed to free myself of some of the fears and let the emotions flow. I am still in a process of healing. I am still easily startled and sometimes have to shake the feelings of overwhelming worry that something bad is about to happen. It is important to verbalize it when something feels overwhelming and maybe even a bit scary. Sometimes the emotions from that day are triggered and I am not sure why but I just have to ride it out. Emotional healing will continue for a long time and part of the process is sharing about it.

Boston Marathon 2015

A post remembering the Boston Marathon 2013 and life moving forward #bostonstrong | Organic Runner Mom

Organic Runner Mom at the Start of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Even though I will not be running this year if you are running the Boston Marathon this year I will be cheering loudly for you. Your spirit and participation will help to bring back strength to all those who need it. We will all continue to be Boston Strong together and to Lift each other up!

Every year that passes since Boston 2013 is a good reminder that it is time to get out and live. To live out loud and to live a life full of love laughter and adventure.

“The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but, if one will, are to be lived.”

–Soren Kierkegaard

Organic Runner Mom

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Let’s Lift Each Other Up. Ten tips for supporting each other.

Lift Each Other Up.

Let's Lift Each Other Up. Here are some simple tips for supporting a friend. | Organic Runner Mom

Kind words not only lift our spirits in the moment they are given, but they can linger with us over the years. –Joseph B. Wirthlin


Why is it that we live in a culture where we feel we must always one up each other? I am all for healthy competition in sport but in daily life we should celebrate each others accomplishments as they happen. We also need to be ready to hold each other up when life throws a challenge in the path. We need to keep our eyes open to see the struggles and the successes happening all around us. It is great to celebrate the positive things that are happening for you but don’t forget to look to see what is happening for others.

Here are some things you can do to support someone else today:

  • Listen. Just listen.
  • Lend a shoulder to cry on.
  • Check-in when you know things are tough. A phone call, a note, a simple quick text can help.
  • Be available. You will be there if needed if you can. Just letting a friend know you are there can help lift someone up.
  • Give them space if they ask for it. Let them know the need for space is ok too.
  • Ask, “how are you doing?” and be ready for whatever it is that they have to tell you.
  • Celebrate achievements no matter how big or small.
  • Notice the small things.
  • Ask about something that you haven’t asked about in awhile.
  • Get silly. Laughing together can ease tension and bring on the smiles.

What can you to to lift someone up today. How will you support a friend in need? 

Organic Runner Mom

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The Truth behind the “All Natural” Label. What does it really mean?

Hmm . . . aren’t all foods natural?

Food Talk–The Truth Behind the -All Natural- Label. What does it really mean | Organic Runner Mom

Food Talk–The Truth Behind the -All Natural- Label. What does it really mean | Organic Runner Mom

When you peruse the grocery aisles in your local supermarket these days you will find product labels claiming everything from health benefits to”Natural” or “All Natural.” The hope is that the product claims will compel you to toss the products into your grocery cart. As a consumer however you need to be wary of claims on food labels and you need to educate yourself about what you are being sold.

Going to the supermarket has become confusing. Shouldn’t buying food be more straightforward than this? It should be but as our food system has evolved, supermarket shelves now overflow with foods of convenience and foods that are heavily processed to include additives and ingredients to make them “taste good.” Companies now use the term “All Natural and Natural” to give the consumer the illusion that the food that they are buying is healthier for them. The problem is that this term is not regulated. There are no standards for what the definition of All Natural is. 

According the the F.D.A. (U.S. Food and Drug Administration):

“From a food science perspective, it is difficult to define a food product that is ‘natural’ because the food has probably been processed and is no longer the product of the earth. That said, FDA has not developed a definition for use of the term natural or its derivatives. However, the agency has not objected to the use of the term if the food does not contain added color, artificial flavors, or synthetic substances.”

One wonders how often the F.D.A. objects to the use of this term because of its ambiguity.  This definition is perplexing because it essentially says that even if something has been heavily processed it can still be considered “Natural.” Food companies affix these seals to their packaging to give the appearance that a food that is “Natural” is healthier for you.  The all natural logos are often green and earthy and of similar composition to the USDA Organic seal.

If you see the term All Natural in use on a label you should read the nutrition panel and check out the list of ingredients because much of the product may be processed and contain artificial ingredients and additives. All Natural foods may also contain GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). When purchasing a food that is labeled Natural you also need to be aware that these foods can contain ingredients or are foods that have been raised and grown using pesticides and antibiotics. Foods that are “Natural” and that do not contain any sort of animal welfare seal may be produced in conditions that may not be considered humane.

The All Natural label has driven sales for food companies and consumers have come to assume that it means more than it does. Many food companies have started removing this label from their products because they have been faced with lawsuits challenging “Natural” claims.

Only Organic, a coalition of Organic Food Producers recently posted this video sharing their take on “Natural vs. Organic.” I encourage you to take a look and you may even get a few chuckles while you are watching.

I challenge you to tell me about a product in your kitchen that has the “All Natural” label that makes you question the claim. 

Organic Runner Mom

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Pesky Piroformis Syndrome. A Common Runner’s Ailment.

Is your piroformis muscle causing you trouble? 

Piroformis syndrome. A beginning look at how to deal with this common running ailment | Organic Runner Mom

Piroformis syndrome. A beginning look at how to deal with this common running ailment.

The ongoing battle with my back and hip issues continues. I’ll have several good days of no pain and then I go backwards and plunge back into the downward spiral into excruciating back pain and immobility. The trouble all seems to be isolated in the region of my piroformis muscle and gluteus medius (basically all in my rear end, a literal pain in the a$$). I am trying to stay positive and am continuing to do what I can to keep my body fit while also providing it with adequate rest.

I am guessing there are many of you who are plagued with piroformis syndrome as well judging by the number of comments I’ve received on my instagram and facebook pages. This article, “How to Beat Pirofomis Syndrome,” from passed through my facebook feed several times today and clearly explains “Piroformis Syndrome.” This is a definite must read if this is something that is affecting you and your running.

This article states that,

“the piriformis muscle causes a lot of trouble in runners because it sits directly on top of the sciatic nerve (Fig. 2). In an unfortunate 2 percent of the population, the sciatic nerve runs straight through the middle of the piriformis muscle, increasing the potential for sciatic nerve injury. Because running increases activity in the piriformis muscle, high mileage running can allow the muscle to compress the sciatic nerve with so much force that the nerve becomes damaged. Common symptoms associated with piriformis-related sciatica include a toothache type of pain along the outside of the leg and/or a tingling that can travel all the way to the foot.” (Michaud)

This is a perfect description of the pain that has been occurring. It comes and goes depending on my level of activity and pain can vary from mild to severe depending on whether or not my piroformis is inflamed.

Do you struggle with Piroformis Syndrome? Here are some resources:

If you are like me and have been struggling with Piroformis syndrome, I have rounded up some resources for you to take a look at. I would also love to hear any tips that you have for dealing with this that helped you to get back on the road to running pain free.

Hopefully piroformis syndrome is not preventing you from running (or any injury for that matter). If this is something that you have or currently struggle with I’d love to hear your best tips for dealing with it. What was your worst running or sports injury?

Organic Runner Mom

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Tips for Resetting your Sleep Schedule.

Sleep problems and sleep schedule.

Tips for Resetting your SLEEP SCHEDULE - Organic Runner Mom

Tips for Resetting your SLEEP SCHEDULE – Organic Runner Mom

I have been having sleep problems for around 2 years now. My sleep cycle is totally out of whack. Every night as bedtime draws near I feel wide awake and nowhere near ready for bed. My bedtime has been creeping later and later and is affecting my overall energy throughout the day and is also impacting my ability to recover from hard workouts. I am sure that this is also having a negative impact the recovery of my current back injury.

Sleep disruption began for me after the Boston Marathon in 2013. This experience was very traumatic for me as it was for many leading to a year spent in therapy for PTSD. Although I have been doing a lot better handling my emotions since 2014 I still have times that are tough, when emotions can be triggered, I am easily startled and I feel overwhelmed. During these time periods sleep is not restful and I have very distressing dreams that what me up.

I am looking to reset my sleep patterns to bring my energy back and to give my body adequate recovery during peak training. Resetting your sleep cycle, your circadian rhythm can be aided by doing certain things. I need to make better sleep my goal and to be accountable for achieving this goal.

Why is sleep so important?

Adults typically need 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Any less can result in chronic fatigue. You may be more irritable than normal. Your immune system takes a hit when you do not have adequate rest. Days will seem long and you will feel fatigued. Adequate rest will improve all of these effects.

Tips for Resetting your Sleep Cycle:

  1. Reset your bedtime. Go to bed a little bit earlier each night until you are going to bed at a desired time.
  2. Don’t eat too close to bedtime. Snacks and meals close to bedtime can keep you awake.
  3. Shut down all technology close to bedtime. The extra light from a television and other devices can offset your circadian rhythm making it harder to fall asleep.
  4. Eliminate any extra light in your room. This can include light from clocks,
  5. Create a sleep ritual (similar to what you might do for a child). This can include turning lights down, creating a quiet space, quiet reading, quiet meditation or relaxation before bed, listen to quiet music,  writing in a journal etc.
  6. Exercise in the morning in the morning instead of at night. Exercising in the evening will cause your brain to release cortisol which will make you feel wide awake.
  7. Be consistent. Make your bedtime routine so that your body will give you cues that its time to sleep.

What are your best tips for resetting your sleep cycle? Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep?

Organic Runner Mom


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Organic Runner Mom’s Fresh Five

Fresh Five. Find out what has me grooving this week!

Organic Runner Mom's Fresh Five. Endurance Sports and Healthy Living Favorites - Organic Runner Mom

Organic Runner Mom’s Fresh Five. Endurance Sports and Healthy Living Favorites – Organic Runner Mom

It’s time for Fresh Friday Five. This week I’m sharing some of my favorite running gear in celebration of my return to running this week! If you haven’t been following my blog you can find out more about the ongoing troubles that I’ve been having with my back and hip (SI joint, instability issues, piroformis syndrome etc.) by reading one of my earlier posts HERE. I have essentially been unable to run without causing serious back and hip pain on my right side for about 4 months. But, now I am BACK! I am easing my way back into running and will continue with PT to help with the ongoing strengthening process. I am also being somewhat cautious and adding in the miles slowly so as not to end up throwing my back out again.

So now without further ado here are five things that I have been loving lately in endurance sports and healthy living.


  1. Personal Success–I can run!!!! This week I was able to complete two 30 minute easy pain free runs on the treadmill! I was hoping to take the miles outside next week but it looks like we will be getting another winter storm this weekend.  So for now, I’ll be loving my miles on the treadmill.
  2. Running Apparel Love–I am in love with my new Skirt Sports Vixen Running Skirt (seen in photo at the top). I love the asymmetrical cut of this skirt and the adorable ruffles which make you feel happy when you are running. I may love to get sweaty but I am a girlie girl at heart. I can’t wait to take this cute skirt on the race course. I picked the color Flirt/Flirty Heather which is perfect for spring, the shorties underneath are black. This skirt also comes in black (I may have to add one of those into my growing collection of Skirt Sports too). The Vixen runs true to size. It features built in semi-compression shorties, two hidden pockets, and a sonic music port. I have a feeling you will see me sporting the Vixen a lot once the weather gets warm! This Skirt Sports Vixen Retails for $72.00. If you like the looks of this Skirt or any of the other new amazing Skirt Sports apparel that is coming out in the spring line here is a special 20% discount code from me to you for you to enjoy: SSORM20. #converttoskirt
    Skirt Sports Vixen | Organic Runner Mom

    Skirt Sports Vixen

  3. Foodie Love–New Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls. This is Stonyfield’s latest organic creation created in conjunction with WikiFoods. This fun new snack (or dessert) is great because it has no mess, is good for on the go and you don’t need a spoon. These frozen yogurt pearls come in 4 amazing flavors–Strawberry and Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, Coconut and Chocolate, Peach and Vanilla. Currently this product is only available at Whole Foods but if you’d like to learn more and to get a coupon to try them out you can check out my full review HERE.

    Click here to find out more about new Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls | Organic Runner Mom

    Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls

  4.  Book RecommendationThe Well Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon. I have just started this book but have been on a reading kick lately trying to stay motivated and inspired to keep training even though I have been dealing with an injury. This book is written by elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon. He shares training plans used with his athletes and his approach for helping the whole athlete. I will share a review when I am finished reading.

    The Well Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon

    The Well Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon

  5. Music to Motivate–When I am on the treadmill or in the gym doing strength training I love to crank up the tunes and sing my little heart out (ok, maybe when I’m alone and not breathing hard). There is just something about a good beat, a fast heart rate and some awesome lyrics to inspire me. My current favorites are anything by Ellie Goulding, Style by Taylor Swift and Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson . . . and yes, I know that sometimes my musical taste is like that of a teenage girl :)

    Music to Motivate | Organic Runner Mom

    Music to Motivate and Inspire

What are you loving this week? Do you have any songs that have you grooving while you workout? Are there any foods that have your tastebuds tingling? I’d love to hear your Fresh Five!

Organic Runner Mom

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Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls

What are Frozen yogurt Pearls?

Click here to find out more about new Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls | Organic Runner Mom

Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls

*Disclaimer I was provided with samples of Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls to try by Stonyfield and WikiFoods as a Stonyfield #Yogetter. All opinions expressed are my own.

Have you seen the new Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls. This is the most delicious bite-sized treat when you are craving something sweet. Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls bring to life the idea of food with edible packaging (brings to mind something out of Willy Wonka . . . but it’s a healthy treat!).

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pearls. What is a WikiPearl?

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pearls. What is a WikiPearl?

Stonyfield shared their delicious frozen yogurt with Wiki Foods for the creation of these “WikiPearls.” The frozen yogurt pearls have a unique edible organic fruit skin made with “wikiTechnology,” the science developed by creator and founder of WikiFoods, David Edwards. The skin protects the yogurt from the outside while keeping the frozen yogurt ready to eat on the inside. Although David Edwards hopes to someday fully eliminate the need for packaging these do come in sustainable packaging in signature Stonyfield style (thank you Gary Hirschberg!). The Frozen Yogurt Pearls come in packages of two in a carton that is 100% Sugar Cane which means it is 100% renewable.

No spoon. no mess. no limits.

No spoon. no mess. no limits.

The Flavors and more . . .

Stonyfield Yogurt Pearls have an organic edible fruit "skin" on the outside. New "WikiPearls" | Organic Runner Mom

Stonyfield Yogurt Pearls have an organic edible fruit “skin” on the outside. New “WikiPearls”

There are four different flavors of Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls:

  • Strawberry and Vanilla
  • Strawberry and Chocolate
  • Coconut and Chocolate
  • Peach and Vanilla

Can you guess which was my favorite? If you guessed Coconut and Chocolate you were right. You can’t go wrong when mixing those two flavors. The kids thought they were a cool treat to eat and each gobbled one up.  The great thing is that the “skin” around the “Pearl” makes this a mess free snack with no spoon needed. I can see how we will be wanting to stash some of these in our freezer for the summer months (if the warm weather ever arrives).

Each frozen yogurt pearl is 30 calories and is made from 100% certified Organic ingredients. These are a wonderful snack or dessert for grown ups and kids alike. They would make the perfect light dessert to serve at the end of a dinner party, they almost remind me of eating a truffle!

Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls, Nutrition Information

Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls, Nutrition Information

Give them a try!

Find Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls at Whole Foods throughout New England (Photo courtesy of Stonyfield) | Organic Runner Mom

Find Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls at Whole Foods throughout New England (Photo courtesy of Stonyfield)

If you’d like to give Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls a try they are currently being sold in Whole Foods throughout New England. Look for them in the freezer section and be sure to click HERE to print a coupon to get two packs of Pearls for $6.

If you have a chance to try Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt Pearls I’d love to hear what you think! If you were to eat these which flavor would you try? What are some of your other favorite Stonyfield Organic Products?

Organic Runner Mom

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What is Clean Eating?

What is Clean Eating- | Organic Runner Mom

What is Clean Eating and tips for clean eating- | Organic Runner Mom

 What does clean eating mean?

Eating trends come and go but eating clean is more than a trend. Clean eating means eating foods that are minimally processed, eating foods that are free of GMO’s, eating organic foods, and foods that have ingredients that are minimally refined. Being married to an organic egg farmer and living in the beautiful New Hampshire countryside has shaped our way of eating. Being involved in organic farming gives us a firsthand view of how food production occurs in this country. We also have the opportunity to grow our own organic vegetable garden (and yes, I am still learning) which enables us to involve our children in the process of growing their own food. We live in a region that is surrounded by farms offering CSA’s and with farm stands that overflow with a rainbow of fresh local vegetables and fruits during the summer and early fall months. We have access to the foods that can keep our bodies healthy and full of energy.

My relationship with food.

I feel lucky to know what I do about the food industry because it helps me to be informed about what we feed our kids and about what we put into our own bodies. And, yes I am not perfect. Clean Eating does not always happen but we try our hardest to eat well and eat clean.

I have always had a healthy relationship with food. My parents fed us a well rounded diet always offering us plenty of fruits and vegetables and a balance of the food pyramid. My parents have always loved to explore the different culinary flavors and my mom was always creating and trying new recipes in the kitchen. Food was a celebration of flavor and nourishment.

When I became an adult venturing out into the real world I began my own kitchen explorations following a model with food that my parents had set before me. I began to familiarize myself with the grocery store, reading labels and became a collector of cookbooks. Having always been an athlete in one form or another food became especially important to me for its role as “fuel.” Food is what gives me the proper nutrition to have energy and endurance, speed and stamina when I am racing. Now that I am a mom I want to provide my children’s growing bodies with nourishment to run and jump, and play, to be exuberant and filled with silly giggles and smiles. I want my children to consume foods that are free from pesticides and antibiotics. I want them to eat clean foods as it is an investment in their health for the future.

Quick Tips for beginning your own clean eating journey.

Here are some things to look for when you fill up your grocery cart the next time you head to the grocery store.

  1. Look for the USDA Organic Seal. products that are 100% Organic have been certified through a rigorous program from the USDA. All foods that are 100% Organic do not contain GMO’s, antibiotics or pesticides.
  2. Limit the number of processed  foods. Stick to the aisles on the outskirts of the grocery store where you will find fresh produce and more mostly unprocessed foods.
  3. Read the labels. Chances are if you can’t pronounce the name of the ingredient or have no idea what it is it is processed and less likely to be healthy.
  4. Watch out for the “All Natural Label.” All natural is a term that is used very loosely within the food industry and is not regulated.
  5. Don’t fear the cookbook. There is not need to be a master chef in your kitchen. Choose recipes that are simple and that contain whole food ingredients. Cooking from scratch whenever possible will lessen your consumption of processed foods.

I’ve shared a little bit more about how I got started with clean eating and why it is important for your wellness and now I’d love to hear your best clean eating tips. What has been the easiest way for you to clean up your diet?

Organic Runner Mom

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It’s time to get back on track. March Goals.

Getting back on track and refocusing my goals.

Join me in a discussion about setting goals and refocusing when you get off schedule. | Organic Runner Mom

I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest. Venus Williams

It’s time to check in. I need to set some March goals and to get back on track! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about goals and training. Honestly, it’s been difficult to get into a serious swing with training due to my back being all out of whacked mixed with school vacations and life in general. Just when my back has started to feel really stable I jinxed myself by telling a friend that I have avoided getting bronchitis all winter. Then, BAM!!! Just like that bronchitis hit.  Last week was a hard one for our family resulting in poor sleep and feeling down which probably resulted in a weakened immune system opening me up to the petri dish of germs that resides in pre-school and the primary grades. Although it hasn’t been too bad this time around I have been feeling sub-par and not really ready to push my body in some hard training.

Hopefully once the bronchitis clears I can get back on track with my Ironman 70.3 training. I am feeling ready to give running a go again after a very lengthy hiatus. Hopefully the work I have been doing in PT, the rest, and a change in shoes will help my back to remain stable when running.  Right now I am maintaining a solid aerobic base but am nowhere near the shape that I was in during my Boston Marathon training cycle last year. I have been working hard in the pool and on the bike. I have been doing strength training twice a week. In addition to that I have been skate skiing and downhill skiing with my family.

Tomorrow morning I hope to press the reset button and to get back on track.

Goals for March

  • Start Running again!!!!
  • Get back on track with my training from my coach Denise (The Sustainable Athlete)
  • Get my sleep cycle back on track. I have had insomnia for about the past year and stay up way later than I should. I need to make a change to this soon. My hope is to get to bed earlier so that I can get an earlier start to the day and feel more refreshed and energized. (Look for a post from me soon with more information about this.)
  • Continue incorporating at least one new recipe into our family dinner menu every week.
  • Hydrate more during the day as dehydration can add to fatigue!
  • Set my summer Triathlon schedule and get to work!

Now that I’ve shared my goals for this month I’d love to hear yours! Putting your goals into writing can help create personal accountability and its great to celebrate each others achievements!

Organic Runner Mom


P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy the extra hour of daylight! I know I am excited about it!

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